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At the Door Step of a New Era!

We are almost through this wild year and yet we have a few more BIG journeys to travel through before we get to the other side!!

Thursday December 10th, The Sun in Sagittarius exactly squared Neptune in Pisces which we all have been feeling this past week, as the conjunctions to the Sun can be felt even from 10 degrees apart. In other words; the Sun’s Journey currently has us searching for Higher Understanding, Expansion and Wisdom through our galloping enthusiastic Sagittarius. Simultaneously we have the blessing and curse of the Neptunian Fog of Illusion, Fantasy, Dreams and Escape pulling us to look at our search for meaning through our Intuition and Dreams. Neptune is asking us to wake-up our Subconscious selves and consider what the real correct path is to find healing for our Society and our World.

What is real anyways? What is fake news? What do YOU believe in? Have you heard any conspiracy theories lately or do you just shut your eyes from them and pretend none of it is true and everything the media says must be true? Currently I find myself grappling between all of the above. In these un-presented times, where our children spend their days looking into the abyss of Zoom, we aren’t allowed to gather with our friends, we must mask ourselves when we leave our homes and institutions keep holding all the cards and the power – shouldn’t we be questioning what is going on? Yes, of course, there is a Pandemic – or should we consider a “plan-demic” - happening right now. Our schools, security companies, zoom are all recording our children and what they do each day in front of the screens – where will all this info go to in the end, I wonder…

Friday December 11th The Sun conjoins our World’s South Node at 19° Sagittarius, shining a light on Karmic past of inherent Wild Adventurous Wisdom and the Search for Truth. This conjunction brings up old stories, karma and perhaps a feeling of melancholy of how things ‘used to be’ when we were able to travel around carefree and have our freedom to do what we wanted to.

The South Node signification is where we are coming from, what is behind us and what we are to incorporate in our lives, so that we can meet our North Node: our Karmic Future – which currently resides at 19° Gemini. At this time on Earth, the days of Sagittarian long-distance travel are behind us (south node), and the Gemini connections; those at our arm’s length, meaning our immediate family, children, our neighbors and siblings are the ones we are mostly connecting with (north node). Ironically this December 2020 Lockdown, at least here in California, came right as the Sun got into the close orb with the South Node fortifying these stories for all of us. This is a time to integrate the Sagittarian outdoor pull for Exploration; Move your body and Get Out in Nature to Explore and stay in touch wit

h the Optimistic things in your life while you search for meaning by continuing to connect with others and seek out information.

Monday December 14th, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius

This is a New Moon seed planting moment on steroids! The beginning of a new 2 year and 3-month cycle and of course it coincides with the upcoming Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st at 0° Aquarius which is the beginning of a whole new era of the Element AIR here on Planet Earth...!

But first to the New Moon Eclipse. Eclipses happen when a New or Full Moon comes close to the Nodal Axis which is the Moon’s orbit crossing with the Sun’s orbit. Once again, our stories of Sagittarian Optimistic Abundance of Exploration are curbed while the main direction is to seek Information, Cross-pollinate Ideas and Connect with our close-to-home Pods and Neighbors.

Mercury, the planet of Communication is also on the South Node and in conjunction to this New Moon on December 14th, so this is yet another highlight from the stars to seek information!

Mars, the planet that activates us will be in a fire trine from 20° Aries during the New Moon conjunction and is placed in the 3rd house of Communication, creating a courageous push ahead, the force to get us to ask questions and gather knowledge. Can you see the theme of searching for information (AIR) as to what is coming up next?

Saturn, the planet of authority, structure and responsibility has been in Capricorn for almost 3 years, on Wednesday December 16th Saturn moves into Aquarius, for the next three’ish years. Saturn co-rules Aquarius, so as a planet it is comfortable there. This time, instead of fortifying the authorities and institutions (like it does in Capricorn), Saturn will bring its power to the Aquarian groups fighting for human rights, freedom and individual empowerment!

Jupiter, the great benefic, will also enter Aquarius on December 18th for about a 1-year stay. Jupiter isn’t quite as happy in Aquarius as Saturn is, so its optimistic abundance is cut back a bit. Of course, Jupiter will expand the Aquarian themes coming through the ethers for better - and worse.

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happens on December 21st, 2020 bringing what many astrologers believe to be the real dawning of the Age of Aquarius! Jupiter and Saturn are “social planets” – they are further from our “inner planets” the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus, but not as far away as the “outer planets”: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. As social planets Jupiter and Saturn help form what our society is all about.

Jupiter and Saturn create a conjunction every 20 years which starts a new cycle. The BIG difference, with this upcoming conjunction, is that for the last 200 years they have been having almost all their conjunctions in EARTH signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). For the last two centuries humans have been focusing on materializing, owning and manifesting things, land, properties, businesses and so on.

It was 1226 AC when Jupiter and Saturn were at the beginning of their 200-year AIR cycle starting in Aquarius – and they were as close as they are now to one another seen from Earth. In other words, we are starting a brand new 200-year cycle into the Element of AIR focusing our society specifically on the air around us, the quality of the air we breathe, outer space as well as information, communication and intellectual property!

Aquarius is the future thinking rebellious humanitarian, it rules technology, believes in freedom and individualism and rules organizations, groups and friends. We are definitely moving into a new era where the focus of our society is not what you own, but what you know and how you will collaborate in community to stay true to your individuality and freedom. Aquarius is the sign that fights oppression, is eccentric and quirky and can easily become emotionally detached and aloof in situations.

This New Moon Eclipse on December 14th is like the pre-omen to the next 200-year cycle starting a week later on December 21st – all the major aspects speak of the importance of information, thoughts and ideas. Ironically next year, in 2021, even every Mercury retrograde will also happen in AIR signs, so be ready for re-visiting and re-evaluating any and all information that is being spread around. Stay true to you and don’t lose yourself in these new times of tumultuous winds, thoughts and fake news!

If you would like to get a 2021 forecast on what opportunities and pitfalls are coming your way, please visit for more info or to set-up your consultation.

Astrologically Yours Truly,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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