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Inevitable Transformation

Have you been feeling the intensity growing? Do you intuitively feel that things will not be able to continue the way they have been going? Are you ready for a change? Well, all of the above is happening. We have a profound Full Moon in Cancer, opposite Pluto, on Monday January 17th, followed by the big Nodal Axis Shift on Tuesday the 18th 2022. Change is inevitable – you can thank the Heavens above for that.

The Cancer Moon is the ruler of Water. She powerfully pushes the ebbs and flows of the Oceans, Mothers and Wombs, offering Protection, overseeing Homes, Shelters, Nutrition and helping us find Nurturing in our lives. Cancer Moon wakes up our intuitive selves, she brings about emotional ups and downs, acknowledges the Ancestors, Memories and Connections to the Past.

January Full Moon Chart for January 17th 2022 in San Francisco, CA

A Full Moon is a time of seeing what the fruits of our labors are, what seeds we planted, how they grew, and acknowledging what worked - and what didn’t. As the Cancer Moon opposes the Sun at 27.51 Capricorn, the Sun also happens to be right on the degree of the Pluto placement in the natal chart of the United States of America. (The chart used is here, 4th of July 1776, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 5:10 pm.) Of course, transiting Pluto in the Sky, is also traveling right to that point. On Monday he will be at 26.28 Capricorn, and has its first Return on the chart of the USA, on February 21st 2022. Pluto is Hades: The Ruler of the Underworld, the Powerful Intensifier, Destroyer and Transformer. Pluto equals Change.

Two years ago, on January 12th 2020, Pluto and Saturn were in conjunction (came together in the Heavens in our view from Earth) at 23 degrees Capricorn. That began the destruction and changed what we thought were strong foundations, careers, authorities, elders, governments and old business models. Saturn, ruling authority figures, also received an intense enforcement to those that hold power.

Right now, with the Sun shining its light on Pluto, you can expect secrets that have been hidden to come up to the surface. Lies, deception and tyranny of the mighty powerful authorities, that manifested after that Pluto-Saturn conjunction, will have a light on them.

Friday January 14th we started a Mercury Retrograde which will continue till February 4th, and then will move out of its Shadow Phase on Thursday February 24th. Mercury, ruling our thoughts and communication was very close to Saturn when it started its retrograde, informing us that this time around we are also re-assessing and re-evaluating information from authority figures. Saturn in Aquarius continues to bring restriction to communities and friendships, but with time it will also create new foundations in the community. The Mercury Retrograde time right now lets us re-view what the Saturnian Authorities really have been up to in this last year. As with all Mercury Retrogrades, try not to purchase electronics, sign contracts, begin new endeavors, but rather finish old projects, review transactions and correspondence from the past weeks. You can expect old friends to also re-appear especially as Mercury travels through Aquarius!

Mercury is also in a square to Uranus in Taurus, at the beginning of the Mercury retrograde, so there is definite re-evaluation and re-awakening of our values. The triple Uranus-Saturn square, that we lived through all of 2021 mostly (Restrictions from Authorities versus Rebellion to honor our Personal Values), is giving us a lot to re-examine and process. We will be again in the midst of another Uranus-Saturn square this coming fall 2022, and right now Mercury wants us re-assessing the story of last year. One should appreciate a good Mercury Retrograde to give us the Time we need to process things, and not always just forge forward.


For the past 18 months the whole world has been experiencing the North Node in Gemini. There has been almost a neurotic continuous search for information and sharing what we know with friends and neighbors while speculating the latest “facts” the internet and social media offers. Unfortunately, there are also some that speak ill about those who don’t share their belief systems and ideologies - something the Gemini energy can tend to do, behind backs of others, if not harnessed correctly.

The South Node in Sagittarius has been curtailing the possibilities for long-distance travel, dampening higher education from offering its best and closing doors on alternative philosophical views. The Adventurous Centaur has been shut down for the last year and a half, but luckily on Tuesday January 18th the maleficent South Node leaves Sagittarius for the next 18 years!

The Nodal Axis Shift will affect everyone, as the North Node travels into Taurus, bringing about the need to slow down, ground us and open our senses. The importance of Mother Earth will be on the forefront for everyone. Connection to nature, plants and our senses is necessary. Smelling the flowers, feeling the wind on our faces and seeing each other smile, instead of hiding behind masks, will become a driving force in these next 18 months. Gratitude, patience, forgiveness and a sense of self-worth will all be things to look for in oneself, while leaving behind tendencies of inappropriate intensity, judgements and resistance to cooperate with others. The South Node moving into Scorpio, will hopefully bring us the end of fear, jealousy, lies and power plays.

During this powerful Full Moon time, get in touch with your Intuition and Gut, connect with your Families, Mothers and Ancestors. Let go of the foundations and restrictions that no longer serve you and your family. Embrace the upcoming Nodal Axis Shift, connect with Nature, your senses and acknowledge your self-worth. We must all build trust in humanity to be able to heal itself.

If you are interested in what this year ahead has in store specifically for you, please visit to send a message and to inquire about details for booking.

Best Wishes,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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