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Leo Full Moon 2024


The Sun entered Aquarius, Saturday January 20th, together with the all-mighty Pluto, aka Hades, The Ruler of the Underworld. Aquarius rules Technology and AI, the Future, Communities, Social Organizations, Friendships, Freedom and Revolutions. Pluto rules Death, Rebirth and Transformation. The Sun is seen as a Leader, a King, or in context of our Ego stories here on planet Earth.


I checked the news, to see if there were any signatures of the Sun-Pluto conjunction in Aquarius, and lo and behold, a Tech CEO (Sanjay Shah) plunged to his death this week trying to make a grand entrance at his company party. A very unfortunate event of course, but a signature of the Time we are in, non-the-less.


As we travel farthest from the Sun, this time of year, we also have the upcoming Full Moon in Leo, allowing us to pay attention to the fire inside ourselves. What sparks a flame inside your Soul? How are you using your own creativity to keep you going through these winter months? What fun or creative pursuit did you possibly start 18 months ago that is culminating right now? These are all good things to ponder as we come to meet the Full Moon in Leo this Thursday.


January 25th, 2024, Full Moon in Leo, 9:54 A.M., PST, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Full Moon is in a waning opposition to Pluto, emphasizing intensity, and hopefully also a release, as the day moves on toward the evening. Feelings can be dramatic, and emotions may be, most likely, on display. Don’t try to hide your feelings from yourself. Pluto might make it feel scary to be honest, but only by acknowledging how you feel and being courageous, can you continue to grow and find a better place of being - and feeling.


The Leo Moon is at the apex of a Yod, also knowns as “God’s Finger”, signifying the importance of our feelings and the need to process them, as well as touching base with Venus in Capricorn making a sextile to Saturn in Pisces which are on the other side of the Yod. When we are in touch with our hidden emotions, (Moon opposite Pluto), we can tap into the Venus in Capricorn energy, gifting us with abilities to see the road ahead, and make goals that we can grow from and that feel aligned and good. Saturn in Pisces illuminates the much-needed foundations in our Spiritual realm: taking Time to connect with our own Spirit, perhaps through Meditation, Yoga, Music, Art, or by Helping Others in our World.


Jupiter in Taurus makes a square to the Full Moon, making sure excitement is high and opportunities of growth are available. This can all become a bit overwhelming, so finding some time in Nature will definitely help balance all the other things going on in our emotional realms.


In honor of our stepping into our Aquarius season, I took the liberty of using AI to generate my cover photo. I typed in: “Leo, Heart on Fire, Passion, The Future”, and this image emerged... Thank you to Canva and Magic Media for the art. Thou it is intriguing to see what emerges with AI, I am still a strong advocate of using human-made art, but for now, this is an homage to The Age of Aquarius. Wishing a fantastic Solar Return to all the Aquarians out there. New horizons are opening up, brilliant ideas to be had, and new futures await.


Sending Full Moon Blessings to you all!


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services


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