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Libra Full Moon 2023

Hello There Dear Earth Friends,

Can you all feel this amazing energy pushing forward at high speed, like all the motors running non-stop, dawn till dusk, and more?! The Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter, the Great Expander, in the sign of Aries which is all about fast-paced, courageous forward movement! There is no sleep for the weary right now. Instead, harness this amazing primal spark of life force, and keep trekking ahead, with your best vision in mind!

Jupiter is helping also to see the Big Picture, he is bringing us optimism and trust in ourselves. Of course, Jupiter, also known as Zeus, King of all Gods, can over-blow things, exaggerate situations, and make us think we are invincible. Please keep that in consideration as to not take on more than you can handle.

Tonight at 9:34 pm, PST in San Francisco, CA, we have Full Moon in Libra at 16.07°.

The Libra Full Moon is here to shine a light on how we are balancing ourselves within our relationships! A Libra Moon insists on equality and harmony within our relationships. Are we considering our significant others during this fierce Aries time of moving personal goals ahead? Good to notice and adjust accordingly.

The Sun is also in conjunction to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, thus our wounds that we carry within us, and the healing we can attain through processing the wounds, will be in culmination over this Full Moon period. Do you know where your Chiron is placed in your Astrological Natal chart? The patterns of our personal Chiron stories are up for review.

The ruler of the Libra Moon, Venus, is at 24 degrees Taurus, signaling the appreciation of steadfastness, loyalty, and loving the sensual pleasures of life! Watch out for all those pastries right now folks! 😉 Venus is also in a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, so have some fun with this Full Moon, enjoy some social time, movies, music, museums, and art forms of any kind!

Saturn, the ruler of Time, Karma and Boundaries, moved into Pisces on March 7th, to stay there for an almost 2.5-year stint, and has been creating his own havoc with letting Time literally run down the drain or disappear into the Piscean boundlessness of the Cosmos! What structures can be built in water? Well, perhaps a tunnel, maybe a bridge, or floating houses? Changing one’s focus inward and building structures to support the Soul and Spirit is also a great way to use this energy.

Mars, that moved into Cancer on March 25th, activating men all over the world to step more into the tending the kitchen and housework (smile!) is in a fantastic trine to Saturn in Pisces, and in sextile to the Mercury-North Node conjunction in Taurus.

The Mars-Saturn trine is letting us build stronger bridges in our emotional realms, while the Mercury-North Node in Taurus, has our minds focused on the karmic story ahead, the stamina to keep pushing forward through the water, earth, and mud!

Pluto is in a square to Mercury and the Nodes. We can expect situations and conversations to be intense, lot's of karmic unfolding as we keep letting go of the unnecessary, and bring in new dimensions and clarity to our existence and paths here on Planet Earth!

We are about to start the Mercury Shadow Retrograde on Friday April 7th, with actual Mercury Retrograde beginning on April 21st and going till May 15th, and shadow retrograde ending May 31st, 2023! So, it is time to finish up initial plans for the next month and a half ahead. You will want to avoid signing contracts, buying technical equipment, cars, computers etc. while Mercury is in retrograde. And, if you need to do any of the above, try to give ample room for returns, re-scheduling and re-writing agreements. In Taurus, Mercury Retrograde will most likely affect your thoughts on your value system. What you might think looks beautiful during the retrograde, might not look that way after Mercury stations direct!

Wishing you all a fantastic Full Moon time. I’ll be back again soon with info on the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 20th!


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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