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Hello Astrology Friends,

Are you ready to jumpstart your Health Routines, Get Organized and try something New, Transformative, and Grounding? THIS is the time to start thinking, planning and arranging what you want your Daily Routines and Self-Care to look like for the next cycle ahead. Some say the cycle is a month, some say six months, I believe in the Moon Family Theory where each New Moon begins a 27-month cycle as it travels and hits the same degree each month, nine months apart.

Dietrich Pessin, a professional Astrologer since 1985, has brought Moon Cycles into a whole other dimension. In Pessin’s Moon Family theory each New Moon begins a new two year and three-month cycle and revolves around a certain degree in the Zodiac. This brings a deeper emphasis through the Moon cycle to a specific area of our life that has much longer implications.

Monday September 6th 2021 we have a New Moon at 14°38 Virgo, in a trine to Uranus as 14°40 Taurus and a wide trine to Pluto at 24°31 Capricorn.

This is the perfect time to manifest what you want, so shake-up your daily routines and begin something new in your life! Uranus wants you to find innovative and unique ways to experience your daily routines while Pluto offers the ability to let go of the old and begin a new journey in the season ahead.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury - the planet that affects our Minds, Thoughts and Planning – and in Virgo our minds become analytical and critical to help us discern what is useful and what isn’t. This Virgo energy is perfect for weaving through the piles of papers you have been stacking around, sorting through your clothes, literally “Marie Kondo’ing” your life, but there is more! The Virgo New Moon asks you to check in with your Mind, Body and Soul, too.

As we are currently living through a fourth wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic here is the U.S., and the vaccines that have been created to stop the spread of the virus seem to be losing potency, it is time to look at other health alternatives for boosting your immune system. What are you currently doing for the health of your Body? What does your daily nutrition, exercise routines and self-improvement practices look like? Do you go to the Chiropractor to get your body aligned or the Acupuncturist to help your Chi flow more freely? Do you take Homeopathic remedies to support your body and constitution, or do you use any Herbal Medicines for the common colds that are also spreading around again? If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m happy to give out my recommendations on all of these alternative health magicians in our area. Just shoot me a private message and I will share my resources with you.

How about the health of your Mind? This Pandemic has been so taxing on us all, quarantining, wearing masks again, avoiding crowds, parties and get-togethers in fear of the mighty virus that could take us, or our loved ones from us. Remember to keep your safety and sanity net woven and cared for, checking in on your friends, loved ones and family members. Do reach out when you feel alone, sad or unresourceful as social media and the media itself can leave you feeling emptier and more distressed than before. You are not alone. We are all here together, sailing this Planet, trying to figure out the necessary steps, before the next wave hits. Surround yourself with people that uplift you, read books that bring you inspiration and comfort and if you watch TV or movies, watch shows that are healthy for your Mind, rather than what brings more anxiety or fear. We get to consciously be aware of what we invite into our everyday lives and minds.

This brings us to the health of your Soul. Do you have a daily meditation, yoga or spiritual practice you are currently doing? If not, NOW is a great time to start one! This Virgo New Moon is the time to plant your seed of Health for your Soul. There is a loose opposition from the New Moon to Neptune in Pisces, assisting us to tap into the Higher Divine aspects of Healing. Neptune helps us to integrate the Piscean Healing, Spirituality and Universal Connectedness into our everyday life. Don’t let the opportunity just slip by, embrace it, feel it and call in the healing for Yourself and your CommUnity. We all are healers walking on this planet – time to awaken to your gifts, if you haven’t already!

So, dear Astrology sisters and brothers, let’s embrace this time ahead with sharp minds, good plans and healthy choices. Happy Virgo New Moon Beginnings for your journey ahead.

Much Love,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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