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Happy New 20s Folks!

We have arrived at the beginning of a new decade, a new cycle, and truly a new beginning.

Astrologically we have quite the year ahead!

We just experienced the Boxing Day Lunar Eclipse on 12/26/19, when the Sun and Moon aligned to create a powerful New Moon in Capricorn, sowing the seeds for the new cycle to begin. Capricorn is the Zodiacal sign that speaks about structure, foundation and what we expect to be lasting in our earthly realms.

The energies of an Eclipse, and the speeding up of timetables that happen through Eclipses, tend to manifest for a whole week prior and continue to be felt for a few weeks after the Eclipse. How astrologically on time for #45’s impeachment to happen in alignment with this last Solar Eclipse…

Next up in the Sky we have the January 10th Lunar Eclipse, when the Earth casts a shadow on our Full Moon in Cancer; the sign connected to the Great Feminine, Water, Emotions and Nurturing. Once again energies are potent throughout our Earth which is caught between our two luminaries in the Sky. A Full Moon is a time of illumination of energies that have been manifesting and are ready to prevail, the culmination of what needs to be looked at.

This Lunar Eclipse is followed by a powerful planetary conjunction in the sky on January 12th 2020 when The Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Chariklo conjunct at 22 degrees Capricorn!

The Sun shines light on what is going on, energizing it and bringing life to it.Pluto is the planet which intensifies, creates death and rebirth and transforms whatever it touches.Saturn is the planet of karma, foundations, restrictions, authority and time.Mercury rules communication, the methods we use to communicate like all the gadgets we use to send messages to each other through the ether.Chariklo (an asteroid) is a Herbal Healer and the wife of Chiron the Wounded Healer.

As you can see, there are many big energies coming to collide and find a new way to move ahead. Every planet has multiple ways of playing out its energies, one would be a fool to say exactly what might come of it. But, we do all get to play our own part, take charge of our own actions, thoughts and will power.

Let’s be the Healers we are meant to be, crush those authorities that no longer serve us, find new ways to communicate and heal our dear Earth with new structures that will let us rise from the old ashes of 2019!!!

So, where does this conjunction happen in YOUR chart, do you know? Schedule your Astrological Natal Chart Reading and 2020 forecast by visiting!

Love, Lia

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