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New Moon in Aries

Now is the time to think of thyself! Imagine the infinite possibilities of doing You. What do you want for yourself? Really, take some time to think, imagine, believe and manifest for yourself your wishes. This New Moon in Aries gives us this precious time, only once a year, to fully be focused on ourselves and plant the seeds for our own personal growth. Do plan your planting well, as the seeds planted now will continue to grow for the next few years. The irony with this Aries New Moon is that for us to truly get to ourselves, we need to first see ourselves through the lens of our relationships…more on that below.

Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, offers us the push and courage to initiate action, to assert our willpower and to challenge ourselves -- and if we don’t watch out, also challenge everyone who steps in our way!

New Moon in Aries chart for San Francisco, CA, USA, April 11th 2021

This New Moon has a bubbling excitement to it with a sextile from Happy-Go-Lucky Jupiter in Aquarius – offering expansion from our communities and friendships and a push for broadening our future plans. There is also another excitable sextile to the Sun and Moon conjunction from Mars in Gemini, bringing about lots of connections, conversations, ideas and fast actions. All this Jupiter and Mars energy can though expand and push situations to go too fast and rambunctiously, so do try to hold on tight and get a plan in place so you don’t get bucked off your ferocious stead! There is simultaneously a square from Mars to Neptune in Pisces which could diffuse some of the normally more forceful actions this pattern could offer. Do not let illusions cloud your vision but use your imagination to push yourself to new heights!

Some loving rays from Venus color this New Moon, offering us the ability to initiate action within our relationships - to make needed changes so we honor ourselves within these relationships. Venus herself is conjunct Persephone, The Queen of the Underworld and The Goddess of Spring, infusing our relationship needs to truly dive deep into our own personal hidden underworlds. Once we do the work, pull the covers off, and look at ourselves truthfully within our relationships, we can finally begin to transform any dark stories that have been hidden. Through our deep diving into the Underworld the Goddess of Spring brings to us her ability to transform and find new and better beginnings for both ourselves and our partnerships.

As always, Astrology will show its illuminations many times over, to prove a point. So, as we dapple with our Venus-Persephone relationship stories, we have a powerful square from Pluto in Capricorn to this New Moon in Aries. Pluto aka Hades, The Lord of the Underworld, also known as Persephone’s husband, is challenging us change those old unnecessary stories and structures we’ve been holding onto – especially in our relationships as well as honoring our own individualities within them. Pluto wants us to go where we hide our fear, our traumas, the things we don’t want to look at. And only by looking at the things that scare us the most can we find the tools and power to start to change them.

And for the third Astrological relationship hint: Juno, the asteroid of Marriage and Relationships, in Sagittarius is also in a harmonious trine to the New Moon and Venus conjunction. Juno offers us the opportunity to expand our relationships by searching for higher meaning through them. Juno here teaches us that there is always more to learn in the realms of relationships.

This Aries New Moon signifies a time for us to focus on ourselves, and to truly do that, we will need to start with looking at who we are within our relationship patterns. Only then we can truly come back to honoring ourselves again and forging the path for a better and brighter future.

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Exciting New Moon blessings,

Lia Sabbatini

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