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November Astrology

During this time of Hallow’s Eve, may you be surrounded with love and light, while you venture out to meet the ancestors and spirits from the World beyond! Jupiter is in trine with Mercury so conversations should be light and optimistic even with the Ghouls and Goblins you might encounter.

Astrology for November 2021

The dates for the aspects below are for the exact astrological culminations, though many aspects and energies prevail for days leading up and after the actual aspect dates mentioned.

November 1st All Saints Day, Mercury in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn at 24-25°. How appropriate that communication and thoughts are infused with conversations and memories of our Ancestors, dearly missed friends and community members. Beautiful altars and “ofrendas” will be placed to commune with the spirits in tactful and artistic ways, thanks to the Libra influences, bringing balance between the Dead and the Living.

November 4th New Moon at 12° Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

The profoundness of this Scorpio Moon will stir the psychological depths of our souls, while awakening our rebellious values, passions and need for renewal, intimacy and depth in our lives. Slowly, but surely, this New Moon will plant a seed deep inside ourselves with the promise of true Transformation on the horizon. It will take 9 months for the sprout to emerge and in 18 months we will see the bloom. (According to the Lunar Families Theory by Dietrich Pessin.)

Mars, the ruler of the Scorpio Moon, will be enforcing sniper target practice, while premeditatively and patiently waiting for the correct time to strike. This is no time to mess with the Scorpios in your life, as volatility and revenge – or hot passion – might just consume you where you stand.

Mercury and Venus will be in a harmonious sextile so do take this new moon time to also plant seeds for better communication with your loved ones. It should be a spicy and intense time to set some partnership goals on! ;)

November 6th Mercury moves into Scorpio. Our phase of Libra'esque tact and diplomacy will dive into deep thoughts, speculations and ruminations. These two and a half weeks with Mercury speeding through Scorpio will have us tackling hidden secrets, pinpointing our deeper psychological thoughts as well as having us pull inwards in alignment with this Scorpio time of year.

November 9th Mercury catches up with Mars at 6° Scorpio. Hermes the Messenger is sending out war cries on behalf of Ares the God of War. In other words - volatility with words and actions may surface, if not careful! On the other hand, if planned correctly, in the Scorpionic fashion, this could be the perfect to time to act upon instincts, thoughts and plans.

November 10th both Mercury and Mars will square Saturn at 7° Aquarius, thus volatility might be provoked especially to and from authorities. Expect friction and frustrations during this time. If planned correctly, one can also use this time to communicate with the higher ups on how to make sustainable changes to benefit not just the individual, but the community as a whole.

November 12th the Sun at 20° Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces, offering some release from the hardships from the few days prior. The silver lining for the search of higher consciousness in the Collective will get a confident boost of energy from the Sun, re-establishing our hopes, wishes and dreams for our Communities and the World around. This is also a fabulous time to dive into art, music, dance, photography and creativity on any dimension!

November 13th Mercury at 12° Scorpio will oppose Uranus in Taurus – perhaps bringing more consciousness and words to what the New Moon in Scorpio manifested on November 4th at this 12th degree.

Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala would consider this the 13th degree of Scorpio, and the meaning he has given to this degree is:

An inventor performs a laboratory experiment”

Rudhyar recommends:

What is most needed is the ability to relate seemingly unrelated facts.”

In my humble opinion, this can be a time we get sudden insights, thanks to Uranus, to understand what this “laboratory experiment” Rudhyar speaks of, really is – and which are the seemingly unrelated facts that we have been overlooking. One can expect news of “the unexpected” to be revealed around this time.

November 14th Venus at 8° Capricorn will square Chiron in Aries. This may signify hurts in relationships or financial hits. Remember though that any partnership wounding that does surface, must do so, as that is the only way to find the key for healing in the future.

November 15th the Scorpio Sun will square Jupiter at 23° Aquarius, shining the light on expansions happening in our communities. Considered the grand ‘benefic of our Solar System’, Jupiter tends to exaggerate and overdo situations. The Sun is also closing in on a sextile to Pluto at this time, so this offers yet another chance to let go of what no longer serves us in these rigid structures of society.

November 17th Mars will hit that significant degree of 12 Scorpio, opposing Uranus, so again, the stories from November 4th, and the 13th and Rudhyar’s advise will be up for noticing and sudden actions may prevail. Please do be careful the week of November 14th-20th as a Mars-Uranus opposition can often signify an accident, sudden explosions and with Uranus in Taurus earthquakes!

There is also Saturn at 8° Aquarius in sextile with Chiron for a few week period, so another ability for healing may come through this time. Perhaps a favorable response or consensus from authorities may prevail and healing can manifest on individual levels as well as for community in general. Fingers crossed!

November 18th Mercury at 20° Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces, through this aspect words can be found to express what we feel in a profound way. The hopes, wishes and dreams we have for the Collective and our World will find the words to pronounce it!

November 19th Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus at 27 degrees

A powerful and sensual full moon is in store under the Beaver Moon. The ruler of the Taurus Moon, Venus, is placed in Capricorn and in trine with Uranus! Positive surprises via your loved ones or women in your life, can be expected to emerge out of nowhere. Maybe even a surprise in finances could prevail.

November 20th Mercury at 24° Scorpio will square Jupiter in Aquarius. Expect deep conversations and lofty ideas to dominate the day.

November 21st Mercury will sextile Pluto. Old ideas, that are not useful, will die away while new thoughts will emerge on how to proceed better. As the Sun will be at the last degree of Scorpio this day, the intensity in the air (and our minds) will be strong. This is a time to ponder the significations of this time we are living in, and honoring the ending of certain cycles of time, with knowing nothing lasts forever.

November 22nd the Sun moves into Sagittarius and new optimism greets the day, mostly.

November 23rd the Sun conjuncts the South Node at 1° Sagittarius and illumination prevails on endings and finalizations of the past 18 months of our Nodal Axis traveling through Gemini-Sagittarius. Please visit my post here from May of 2020 where I dive into details of what this specific Nodal Axis alignment is about. The South Node in Sagittarius has meant a restriction in long-distance travel, religious gatherings and higher education as mostly Universities have been online during this Pandemic. By the Sun illuminating the South Node placement, our attention is drawn to noticing these changes in the past 18 months.

November 24th Mars in Scorpio is in a sextile with Venus in Capricorn, thus relationships should be running smoothly, as our wants and needs work harmoniously with our actions.

November 25th Mercury will join the adventurous sign of Sagittarius, though once again in conjunction with the south node, bringing up to consciousness the restrictions that have been in place for the Sagittarian themes of travel, philosophies and higher education. As we come closer to the end of this 18-month Nodal Axis transit of North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius, both the Sun and Mercury will wake-up our attention to this dynamic. When the nodes shift into a new cycle in January 2022, and the South Node leaves Sagittarius, we will also get to bring back more of the optimism and expansion of thought through the galloping wild Centaur.

November 27th the Sun will conjunct Vesta at 5° Sagittarius and oppose Ceres at 5° Gemini shining the light on the Keeper of the Hearth, Abundance and Nurturing. This is a great time to show your gratitude for your Mother, all Mothers in this world, as well Mother Nature herself. Don’t forget to honor the nurturing you yourself give and provide connecting community together and by keeping your hearth burning.

November 29th Mars in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces. Mars can manifest movement for beneficial changes to happen for the Collective and the World at whole! Light up those dreams with planned strategic actions. Think about how you can help alleviate suffering and make a difference in the world. This is a time to act on those wishes. Of course, the contrary might also be true, where Neptune dissolves our actions and we lay back into the sea to just float around.

Mercury will be once again in the heart of the Sagittarius Sun at 7 degrees. A renewal time of thoughts and plans will be at arm-lengths apart and we shall finish off the month of November at a more peaceful state than where we started.

Wishing you all abundant and absorbing November Rain, sprinkled with clear intentions, kindness and compassion. To book an Astro reading for yourself or loved one, please visit for more info.


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

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