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Pisces Full Moon

Hello Astrology Friends,

We are coming up on a Soul-Searching Full Moon in Pisces Saturday on September 10th! This is a time where our Compassion and Empathy has a light shown on them, our Intuition is heightened, and our Sensitivities are up for acknowledgement.

Pisces, the two fish that swim in alternate directions, signify the slipperiness of its sign: Pisces is hard to pin down! Pisces wants to help the Underdogs of our World and be of Spiritual Service while simultaneously it may want to just Escape the real world and not take any Responsibilities.

While the Sun travels through Virgo, the analytical, service- and detail-oriented sign of the Zodiac, we are in a time where we are cutting away elements that no longer serve us and ideally, we are focusing on what is necessary and health-conscious in our own lives. The Full Moon in Pisces illuminates some of those needs, with the opposition to the Sun, with an emphasis into our Spiritual realm and Service for the Collective.

Full Moon in Pisces, September 10th 2022, 2:59 a.m., P.S.T. San Francisco, CA, USA

The Pisces Full Moon is in a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces elevating our higher consciousness while also perhaps creating confusion. This Pisces full moon is here to help us notice what we have been holding space for, recognizing what we are running away from, and transcending ourselves into the next sphere of being Spiritual Beings here on planet Earth.

The Mercury Retrograde, which begins right around the same time as the Pisces Full Moon, is asking us to reflect on our communication from the past few weeks. Mercury retrograde in Libra is about Re-thinking, Re-analyzing and Re-visiting our Communication. Libra, the scales, is about Justice and Equality, as well as Social Connections. The hard Mars in Gemini aspect we are now living with till March of 2023 can easily bring up wounding words, thoughts, and actions, and Mercury Retrograde is here to help us Re-assess what needs to be Re-paired or Re-figured out.

The Mercury Retrograde is also in an opposition to Jupiter in Aries, thus watch out, as communication can get heated, ideas overblown and there is the possibility of not hearing what others are saying – or them not hearing you. Take deep breaths and use the retrograde to Re-think your responses for the higher good for all!

The Full Moon is in a sextile to Uranus is Taurus, thus revelations can be expected as well as radical shifts within our values, perhaps bringing more freedom through it all.

The Full Moon is separating from a square to Mars in Gemini, so there seems to be some sharp dynamics we are asked to look at during the full moon time, involving our actions and possibly harsh words leading up to this illumination. Sometimes we need the discomfort to allow us to look at things in a different way and begin to grow as individuals.

There is also a fantastic Earth Trine happening during the Pisces Full Moon, from the Sun at 17°41 Virgo to Uranus at 18°48 Taurus to Pluto at 26°18 in Capricorn. Earth trines are about manifestation, practicality, stability and goal-orientedness. The Sun illuminates our path forward, Uranus brings the Surprises and Freedom while Pluto seals the deal with letting go of the old and embracing the new.

The Full Moon is at an apex point of this Grand Earth Trine; thus, it is our feelings and emotions that drive the Earth Trine to manifest for us how it will all play out in the end. This full moon is a time for each of us to sit with ourselves, tap into our spiritual practice, meditate, make art or music, and find the ground beneath our feet. What do our souls want to tell us about the direction we are going in?

Last weekend I had the privilege of learning a little about the The CholQ’ij Mayan Calendar with Xochi Quetzalli, and her interpretation for this upcoming Full Moon is to make offerings to the Earth and your Ancestors!

Wishing you all a revelatory weekend of Growth, Change, Offerings and Transcendence.


Lia Sabbatini

Owner, Astrologer & Business Consultant

Alexandria Consulting Services

P.O. Box 206, Bolinas, CA, 94924

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