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The Week of Three Retrogrades

This week we have three major planets Saturn, Venus and Jupiter going Retrograde. Astronomically speaking a retrograde happens when Planet Earth passes another planet in the Sky, thus making it seem like the other planet is going backwards. Astrologically retrogrades signify a time of RE-visiting, RE-evaluating and RE-assessing the themes each of these particular planets ‘rule’ as well as the themes of the Zodiac signs which the planets travel through.

Monday May 11th 2020 Saturn, the Planet of Karma, Time, Ambitions, Authority, Structures, and Governments, started its path backwards RE-visiting these themes until September 29th 2020. This is a time of RE-structuring Goals and Ambitions as well as a time of RE- orientation with our Authorities, Governments and Restrictions. Saturn travels first through the lens of Aquarius, which rules Community, Societies-at-large, Friends, Organizations and the Future. Then July 2nd 2020 Saturn returns to Capricorn and will almost go all the way back to its placement of the great Pluto-Saturn conjunction which happened in Capricorn January 12th 2020. In other words, our Goals and Ambitions as well as Authorities, Governments and Structures will all get a dose of RE-evaluating and RE-structuring all that has been put in motion since January 12th 2020…(and even leading up to that conjunction already in December 2019). January 3rd 2021 Saturn will finally return back to the same degree it started its retrograde on May 11th 2020. Through this journey backwards in Time, we can all RE-structure our own Foundations and Goals to better suit us all, for the New Age in Aquarius coming around the corner.

Today, May 13th 2020, Venus, the planet of Love, Beauty, Value and Appreciation also heads back into retrograde, offering us an almost five week journey to RE-visit what we Value, Love and Appreciate. During this Venus Retrograde expect old Love Stories to resurface and past Connections to reappear. This Venus retrograde happens in Gemini, so also the values we are looking at are with a focus on our own Minds, Thoughts, Connections with others, Communication, Commerce, Siblings and even Short Distance Travel. It isn’t recommended to make big Love decisions, spend lots of Money on Art or have a Beauty Makeover during a Venus Retrograde, as one’s perceptions of what one thinks is beautiful or valuable, can be distorted. This is the time to just notice what you do Appreciate, Love and Value in your life. Does your Communication and Networking lately reflect your true Inner Values? In this Time of Corona, social distancing, wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart from others definitely takes its toll on how we connect with one another. Currently Communication, with faces covered, and the lack of the normal Affection and Love we offer one another, is all distorted. Thankfully Venus will be back and out of this Retrograde Shadow by July 28th 2020!

Last but definitely not least, Jupiter, which rules the Search for Wisdom, Philosophy, Expansion, Travel, Spirituality and Higher Education, heads into his retrograde Friday May 15th until September 13th 2020. When the largest planet in our Solar System heads backwards in the Zodiac, there is a definite pull of turning inward and feeling smaller in the large scope of things. Again, this time is about RE-evaluating and RE-assessing what our true Belief Systems really are. Jupiter In Capricorn wants us to RE-think about the Philosophies and what the Messages that our own Ambitions and Goals have had us set forth, as well as what our Governments and Authorities want us to Believe. The Jupiter Retrograde Journey will invite us to expand our thought processes to truly reflect what we Believe is the right path and help us hopefully expand the structures that have been placed on all of us. The Shadow Retrograde, meaning returning back to the original degree in the Zodiac that Jupiter leaves this Friday, will be on December 6th 2020. Leading up to the Mighty Saturn-Jupiter conjunction happening on December 21st 2020 at 0°Aquarius… more on that later.

There is no reason to fret these major planetary and energetic movements in the Sky. This merely offers us time to slow down, look deep inside ourselves and RE-align with our true Values, Belief Systems and Structures, so we can once again move forward on the best path possible for the future.

For each of us there are different meanings for all of these concepts, depending on where the planets were at the moment of birth in each person’s own Natal Chart. The planets’ current placements in the Sky also reflect differently for each of us depending on how our Astrological House Systems were created at the moment of birth, thus bringing up yet another layer of complexity to the Mandala of Life. Every person has a different relationship with each of these planets. Do you know where these retrogrades happen in your own Natal Chart? If you would like to schedule an in-depth Astrological Consultation with me, please visit and contact me through the website to get yourself onto the calendar!

Sending blessings to you all in this Time in our lives.

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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