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Virgo Full Moon & The Spring Equinox

Hello Dear Astrology Friends,

2022 has thrown some curve balls my way, especially with continuing the normally monthly New & Full Moon Astro Blogs… I have great excuses in store - they truly all are astrological! ;)

January 17th, the Full Moon opposite Pluto, manifested as the sneaky hidden virus we all have been fearing for two years, slithering into our home, and pulling me on a three week journey to the Underworld! Yeah - Pluto does that. After the rebirth from that dark adventure, our family flew off to Mexico, with the Full Moon in Leo, urging us to go have fun with our kids - and we sure did.

So here we are, in the cycle of the upcoming Virgo Full Moon on March 18th, followed by the Astrological New Year on March 20th, and a few weeks away from the big Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction. A perfect time to check back in with what the Stars have in store for us. ;)

Friday March 18th at 00:18 AM PST we have the Virgo Full Moon, opposite Neptune and trine Pluto.

The Virgo Moon connects us to our digestion, health, and daily routines. While the Sun is optimistically swimming through Pisces, having just passed Jupiter, and on the way to meet Neptune, there is a tendency to overindulge. The Virgo Moon is asking for us to remember our bodies and health routines. The trine from Pluto gives us a useful push to make necessary changes to the daily health systems we have in place.

Mercury as the ruler of the Virgo Moon is quite happy conjunct Jupiter, and sextile to Uranus, offering us positive insights to our minds through dreams, music, imagery and higher transcendental consciousness. The Full Moon is generally a time of illumination, acknowledging where we are, and having a clearer view of what is going on. Mercury in Pisces could make linear thinking a bit more confusing, so rather use this energy to tap into your dream world, spirituality, music and healing. What can we each individually bring to the World to make it a better place?

March 20th at 8:34 am we have our Astrological New Year with the Sun entering Aries - a time of new beginnings. On the Equinox we have a balance of Light and Dark, Spring begins for the Northern Hemisphere while Fall begins for the Southern Hemisphere. This is an auspicious time to set intentions, look ahead, and plan out the year for ourselves. Aries is about moving forward, putting one's own aspirations and plans to work, and trying new bold things. As all the major planets will be in a direct motion, during the Equinox, they each offer us even more force to move forward! The main aspect to the Sun is the sextile from Pluto, giving us the ability to reinvent ourselves and let go of what we no longer need.

Starting with the Equinox, every day for 12 days represents the next 12 months. We should all do our best to be kind and conscientious with others as Aries often thinks of her/himself first. Aries can also make one impatient and pushy, so finding patience within is highly recommended.

Jumping three weeks ahead now, there is the upcoming Jupiter conjunct Neptune April 12th 2022. We will dive deeper into that as we get closer, but I wanted to mention it, as we are already in the conjunction phase. This can be seen as a very lucky aspect, offering healing, positivity and even divine intervention. Many have reached out in the last weeks about how ‘optimistic’ everything has generally been feeling with mask mandates being lifted, travel opportunities arising (here in North America) and a general feeling of well-being. As with every aspect, there are the positives with the negatives. Neptune and Pisces both can be nebulous, and lies and deception are the lower vibrations to higher spirituality and transcendental awareness in Pisces. Jupiter expands everything it touches, and though it often brings the optimistic viewpoint, it can also blow things out of proportion. On a global level, there does seem to be immense deception happening for the masses. What is the truth about anything the media shares with us? Whose “truths” are we hearing and believing?

There is the possibility of healing and peace to prevail with this auspicious Jupiter-Neptune aspect – and together we can be part of a bigger collective of healing for our World. That is if we allow ourselves to be Healers.

Happy Full Moon and Astrological New Year to you all. Connect with your aspirations, your body, mind and spirit, and make a plan for the New Year ahead!

Blessings to you all,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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