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~ Road Maps For Your Future ~

We are in a time of rapid changes, daily new trends, information overload and global catastrophes coloring our everyday lives. 


You, your business, friends and life are in a continuous flux!

The one constant is that we all could use a little help sometimes figuring out our next steps. We need someone who can give sound advice compassionately and honestly, who can brainstorm and give clarity for what makes sense for the journey ahead.


We offer Business and Astrological Consultations through: Alexandria Consulting Services.


Message us below and we can find the next open appointment for you.

We look forward to helping you find your path, your calling in life or the next few steps on your personal or business adventure!

Carpe Diem!


Let's improve your existing  business or perhaps launch a new one! 


I am thrilled to help you figure out your next steps for your entrepreneurial dreams to come true. 


A Degree in Business Management, 20 years of business experience, and many managerial positions around the globe have given me the cutting edge you need to  get closer to your goals.


We will dive into your Soul’s Purpose in this lifetime. Choose between in-depth Natal Chart Reading, Natal & Forecast for the Year or a Relationship Chart Reading. Modern Psychological and Humanistic Astrological approaches are used in consultations combined with Greco-Roman mythologies and Archetypal Zodiac interpretations.



Here is where you get ALL the best goods in one package! We will look at your natal chart, business chart, upcoming dates for launches and expansions, pitfalls and opportunities that are coming your way. We will come up with a plan to move your business forward in the best possible manner and make sure the Stars Got Your Back!



To help you plan your unforgettable party:  Birthday, Graduation, Engagement or Wedding! With Astrology, we can pick the best possible date and time for your event to happen.


 "As Above, So Below"

It's ALL about timing!

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