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“Lia has a strong business mind and pleasant working personality. Capable of seeing the “big picture” and effectively managing any situation she is both trustworthy and skillful. She was the lead of a team responsible for taking a struggling business and turning it into a profitable one by reducing expenses and increasing income as well as improving the business’ reputation in the community. She works well with others and does not hesitate to make difficult decisions.”


 ~ Randi Arnold ~

“I have a complicated child, but I know my child is also a gift and Lia took me through my child’s Astrological Natal chart and helped me create some compassion not only for my parenting, but my child’s journey, as well. This experience helped me build more trust in the evolutionary process of learning from mistakes and testing boundaries and how this can be honed to helping my child become a more compassionate being as an adult. She also gave me strengths to support up and coming alignments that related to my current concerns. Honestly, I could not sleep for weeks before I scheduled this in-depth chart analysis. I have had so many snippets of my child’s chart over the years and I wanted to take a deep dive in and I knew Lia was the person. After this amazing report I am prepared to move forward with less indecision and more confidence in my parenting. I am so grateful to be finally sleeping after weeks of restlessness and worry. I feel more prepared for some up and coming Opportunities coming our way.”


 ~ Anonymous ~

“I am on the Bolinas Community Center Board and over seven years I was witness to Lia's skills as our Director. I highly recommend her as an incredibly capable businesswoman!  Our Community Center thrived during her time with us. Lia conducted our meetings with so much respect and kindness. Also she brought to the job such a wonderful attitude of good cheer and friendly good humor. Words are not enough to express the gratitude I feel towards Lia for all she has done for us.”


 ~ Eleanor Lyman, Bolinas Community Center Board Member ~

“Lia Sabbatini of Alexandria Consulting Services is an insightful, experienced, inspired and simply wonderful astrologer!  She recently completed my Natal Chart and gave me a consultation that was quite literally out of this world.  Her insight and accuracy was astounding.  She is knowledgable and professional while bringing positive energy and astute interpretations to her readings.  She also gave me a pamphlet which included typed notes of the reading and a visual chart to take home which is quite useful.   I highly recommend Lia for any astrological readings and/or services that you may need.” 


 ~ Molly Brown ~

“Thanks for the uplifting reading! I especially enjoyed the new aspects of the ́solar arcs ́ and your clear and patient explanations of them.”


 ~ Ulva R., Sweden ~

“Lia has a gift, when she is looking into your chart it is as if she is looking into your soul’s needs and questions through your eyes. The chart unfolds for her and she takes it into tangible segments and relational patterns that help you take advantage of the opportunities as well as navigate any upcoming obstacles with grace. She helps you see the struggles as blessings and learning for the future and really have compassion for yourself and your loved ones. It’s like receiving a really great hug from a long lost friend who knows you, accepts you and assures you that it is all truly going to be OK. Such a blessing and gift to receive her work.”


 ~ V.L.~

“Lia has made a difference in my life. During a summer afternoon, Lia and I sat down with my astrology chart, and dove in! She shared her astrological knowledge and holistic perspective in a calm and thorough manner. This was a transformative time in my life: pregnant with my third child, changing my work (and possibly career), and nearing the end of my 36th year. Her genuine interest and care while sharing the ironies and intricacies of my particular birth chart, was just what I needed to pursue my own self awareness and to approach the coming months and years. I highly recommend Lia to you, she will hold your hand and show you the way to a clearer more positive future! You will come away with a lighter heart. Thank you Lia!”


 ~ Olympia M., CA, Licensed Midwife, Homesteader ~

“Lia has excellent business abilities to assist and enhance the working operations of organizations and individuals.  I saw over the course of seven years, during her tenure as Manager at the Bolinas Community Center, that she was rapidly learning and mastering the art of getting things done, and anticipating and dealing with challenges before they became problems. Lia brings intelligence and compassion to her work, and loves our town.  We welcome her contribution of time and service.”


 ~ Soozy Mills ~

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