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“Lia has a strong business mind and pleasant working personality. She is capable of seeing the “big picture” and effectively managing any situation - she is both trustworthy and skillful. She was the lead of a team responsible for taking a struggling business and turning it into a profitable one by reducing expenses and increasing income as well as improving the business’ reputation in the community. She works well with others and does not hesitate to make difficult decisions.”


~ Randi Arnold ~

Lia's Story

It was a Sunday in October of 1980. The first snow was falling down in Stockholm Sweden. Just at the right moment, the stars aligned and created my birth chart, I took my first breath and my story began.  

A Scorpio Sun in the 6th house (Placidus system), was a clue that I would have a deep need to get to the bottom of things, to understand the underlying structures and the mysteries of how things work, and also want to be in service to help others illuminate their callings, paths and possibilities.

My childhood was spent traveling, mostly between Northern Europe and the United States. At age two I travelled around the world in 80 diapers with my Father, though he says it was way more than 80… 

After my parents separated, I felt I still had the best of both worlds growing up: school years in Finland and summers in California by the beach. What more can a girl ask for with a Gemini Rising and a Gemini Moon. 

At age 15, I started my career in the restaurant industry; pouring coffee in Mama’s Royal Cafe, in Mill Valley, CA. By age 19 I had moved to live in Spain, and became the head Bar Tendress of a busy night club on the tourist strip on the Costa del Sol by the Mediterranean Sea.

In 2004 I received a degree in Business Management, specialized in Hospitality and Service Management, from the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences in Finland. I traveled more around the world and worked and ran restaurants, bars and clubs in Finland, Spain, Honduras and San Francisco. 

At 27 I was the Operations Director for six San Francisco restaurant establishments and at age 28 I became a Mother.

Moving to West Marin to have my first child and break away from the fast pace of the City was fabulous. Two years later I started a catering company with my husband and a year after that, in 2011, I became the Director of our local bustling Community Center. 


During my seven years at the Bolinas Community Center:

  • I organized over 70 events and facilitated hundreds of rentals for outside events

  • Started a monthly online newsletter, updated the website and did community outreach 

  • Created many successful fundraisers, fairs and festivals

  • Over-viewed the construction and needed updates for:

    • The kitchen to become commercial kitchen compliant

    • The facility to get wheelchair accessibility -  especially to bathrooms

  • Hired and trained personnel and Marin County’s Legal System's community service workers

  • Created budgets, organized payroll, and oversaw the Center’s money transactions

  • Helped bring the Community Center out of debt to a healthy and robust financial status


2018 I started doing business consulting and have been helping small  businesses with launches, business filings, website content creation, human resource management, fundraising, mailing list compilation, budget creation, marketing, social media, video and text editing as well as event planning.

Lia's Work History & Notable Achievements

In the last two decades Lia:

~ Received a business degree from Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences, in Finland, EU.

~ Managed multiple businesses; restaurants, clubs and bars in Europe and the United States, including, but not limited to:

  • Savoy, Fuengirola, Spain

  • Harry’s Bar in San Francisco, CA (General Manager)

  • Blue Channel, Honduras, Caribbean (General Manager)

  • Dos Trece, Barcelona, Spain (Assistant Manager and Club Supervisor)

  • Avance, San Rafael, CA (Assistant Manager)

~ Was the Operations Director for multiple San Francisco Bay Area establishments with Boutique Dining Management Group:

  • Ristorante Figaro, North Beach, San Francisco

  • Steps of Rome Cafe & Trattoria, North Beach, San Francisco

  • Yabbie’s Coastal Kitchen, Polk Street, San Francisco

  • EOS Restaurant and Wine Bar, Cole Valley, San Francisco

  • The G Bar, Presidio Heights, San Francisco 

~ Managed a non-profit, Bolinas Community Center, for seven years while:

  • Creating multiple fundraisers

  • Organizing over 70 events

  • Overseeing building upgrades including wheelchair accessibility and commercial kitchen compliance.

~ Co-owned and operated Barbary Coast Bistro catering weddings, festivals and events, 2010-2015.

~ Filed, launched and helped build a 2019 San Francisco S-CORP: Via Nissa Inc. and VNS Mystery School, 

~ Co-owner and Book Keeper of Barbary Coast Pizza and Catering, started 2017-.

~ Co-founded a fiscally sponsored non-profit nature and community based after school program “Bolinas Stinson Young Stewards of the Land,” which she is currently Treasurer and Steering Committee member of, started in 2018. 

~ Received certification as a Forecasting Astrologer through the London School of Astrology. 

~ Created Alexandria Consulting Services to offer quality consultations in both the world of Astrology and Business Consulting!

Full Circle 

Back to the beginning, on how I use my natal Sun (My Soul’s)  placement in Scorpio (Shining a light on the Hidden Mysteries) in my 6th house (the House of Work and Service), according to the Placidus system. 

The Koch system, which casts my Scorpio Sun into the 5th house, illuminates that the work I do is what I LOVE to do. 

Having the ability to look at myself through different prisms of Astrology I have learned to not lock myself in to just be what one chart tells me. In Placidus eight of my 10 main planets are in the 6th house making me a “World Server”, as one Astrologer told me 20 years ago. 

Now entertaining different house systems and techniques, I have given myself permission to also become the 5th house person the Koch House System offers to me, with five of my 10 planets suddenly in the house of Fun, Creativity and Self-Expression. How fabulous to give myself permission to look at my life in a whole different light, to transform the way I have been seeing myself and restructure my life to better suit my own needs, wills and wants.


Life is too short to get pinned down to look at things just through one window when you have a world of opportunities to explore. Let’s find out all the possibilities YOU have in store!


~ Dane Rudhyar ~

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