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Biden and Trump Astrological Interpretation

What the planets have to say about the next few months ahead

An astrological translation of Trump’s and Biden’s charts from November 7th 2020 through January 20th 2021.

People keep asking me what Astrology has to say for the time ahead – and what can we expect Trump to do now. It is a tricky question as things can manifest in many ways. I prefer to translate the Sky and see the silver-lining in situations, focus on where we can transform energies to use them as assets rather than be afraid of them and cower in fear. With that said, this following write-up is not for the faint of heart.

Finally, I had a chance to look at what Trump’s chart says and many times over his Solar Arcs (a predictive method) says his structures, reputation and expansion are just beginning to disintegrate and dissolve – thank you Neptune! On the other hand, Neptune can also manifest for others to see One through illusions and deception. Neptune creates a fog that either breaks things down or brings about a perception of a divine calling… which for some Goddess-forsaken reason almost half of American seem to have bought!

Trump’s Solar Arcs with Neptune

Solar Arcs are read by half a degree accuracy. Every 5 minutes is equivalent to one month of our time and each aspect takes one year to complete, but Solar Arc transits only happen once in a person’s lifetime. A big thank you to Frank Clifford from London School of Astrology for teaching me this technique!

- Trump’s SA Saturn at 5.0 Libra is starting a conjunction with his Natal Neptune at 5.51 Libra. His structures will begin to dissolve in a few months. (Funny how accurate Astrology can be!)

- SA Neptune at 17.1 Sag is sextiling his natal Jupiter: disintegration of his expansion on one side while fueling illusioned savior-like dreams for the other side...

- SA MC at 5.31 Leo in sextile to his natal Neptune at 5.51 Libra: How he has been seen in the world has begun to fade away – and simultaneously, those who believe his message will continue to look at him with rose-colored glasses believing every word he says and the messages he delivers.

Uranus, the planet of the Unexpected, has been in Trump’s 12th house of his subconscious self, via Solar Arcs. In five months, SA Uranus will be conjunct his Ascendant for a whole year, creating him to break-free and be liberated of his obligations. Once SA Uranus enters his first house, he will become Uranus himself: The Revolutionary, the Activist and the Liberator.

Trump’s Solar Arc Pluto, the planet that transforms, is in a trine to his North Node - his Karmic Future is transforming. And in one year SA Pluto will also trine his Sun - his Soul’s Journey and what he brings to this world. Yes, Pluto is the transformer that brings death and also rebirth. It seems we are not quite done with Mr. Trump quite yet – and we might be meeting a very different kind of Trump next year with the power of Pluto aka Hades, the Ruler of the Underworld, encouraging him.

Trump’s Solar Arc Sun is at 4.0 Virgo which has just begun an exact square (for a whole year) to his natal Black Moon Lilith at 4.29 Sagittarius – brining about jealousy and seething rage...


Saturday November 14th Mars, the planet of action, will go from having been retrograde for almost two months, to stationing direct and beginning its movement forward in hot fiery Aries. Mars is the God of War, Aries is Self-oriented and in Trump’s chart Mars will be in his 8th house of Lies, Deception, Secrets, Legal Contracts and other Peoples’ Money. Transiting Mars will immediately start opposing Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17.27 Libra – so we can definitely expect an over-blown reaction on all those 8th house subjects just mentioned. Though, as this happens in Trump’s 8th house, we may not actually ‘see’ what is started at this time, till later. November 14th 2020 is also a New Moon in Scorpio, at 25 degrees, beginning another 2 year and 3 month cycle for those who have prominent planets, asteroids or important angles in close proximity. Trump’s IC is 24.20 Scorpio thus signifying a very important beginning in his life. Whatever is started on November 14th will see the full light of day 18 months later when we have a Full Moon in Scorpio which will also be conjunct Trump's MC. Whatever Trump's 'new' colors he is beginning to paint will then be revealed to the world in full illumination.

In December, just around Christmas 2020, transiting Mars in Aries will trine Trump’s own Mars 26.47 Leo. We can expect DEFINITE actions from him then, leading up to January 2021.

January 20th 2021 transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Uranus in the Sky at 6.44 Taurus. Mars activates and Uranus is the Unexpected Rebel – this day will be one to remember and this conjunction happens right on top of Trump’s Eros 6.28 Taurus. He will actually enjoy what is happening at this time. Mars-Uranus conjunction is one of Accidents, Unexpected Eruptions, Sudden Outbursts – could even mean an Earthquake as it will happen in Taurus. The Moon will also be in Taurus, and as the Moon rules masses of people, well, we will all feel this eruption. Transiting Jupiter will also square this conjunction from 7.27 Aquarius, once again, expanding the disruptive and volatile energies already at play. (Sigh.)

On January 20th ’21 Trump’s SA Part of Fortune (prosperity and fortune) will also be hit by Lilith, the raging, revengeful and jealous Dark Queen. Lilith is known as Adam’s first wife who left the Garden of Eden and didn’t want to be submissive to Adam. Kind of feels like Trump losing to Biden and planning to come back for revenge…

Simultaneously this Mars-Uranus conjunction also hits Biden’s natal Part of Fortune, so we can expect the unexpected for him that day as well.

Here is Joe Biden’s Natal Chart with Solar Arc placements for November 7th 2020:

Right now, we can see how Biden’s SA MC is conjunct his natal Juno in his first house. He is being seen by the world-at-large as Married (Juno) and being very Enthusiastic and Optimistic (Sagittarius).

Biden’s Solar Arc Ceres is conjunct his natal Saturn in his 7th house, signifying that he is bringing in his importance of Family and Home nurturing to his structures that he offers for others. The media is already saying he will be the President for Families. Notice his natal Ceres (the Mother asteroid) conjunct his IC in his 4th house of home. Home, Mother and Family are cornerstones for what he wants to bring and share with the world and how he wants to structure things at this time with what he creates as foundations for others (Saturn in the 7th house).

Currently Biden’s SA Part of Fortune is conjunct his own natal Jupiter, bringing about prosperity and luck from others to him – thank the voters in Pennsylvania Georgia, Arizona and Nevada, for example! And Biden’s SA Jupiter is conjunct his natal Chariklo bringing in Spiritual Healing for communities and people everywhere (Biden’s 11th house of community).

The Scorpio New Moon on November 14th will also conjunct Biden’s Sun signifying a very important new beginning for him for the next 2 years and 3 months. This New Moon is also in a trine to his Jupiter in Cancer. Again another signification of Higher Understanding and Optimism for Joe coming through the realms of Home, Family and Marriage. (Jupiter in the 8th in Cancer).

January 20th 2021 Biden will have a Grand Air Trine in his chart, with the Sun trining his Natal Uranus at 2.46 Gemini and a trine to his Neptune at 1.31 Libra. This could be a signature of something unexpected and grand happening for him, like his inauguration, though the Mars-Uranus conjunction that same day on his part of fortune might present an unexpected twist of some kind to this story.

Biden will also have the Mars-Uranus conjunction squaring his natal Pluto so sudden transformation and power can be foreseen. Jupiter will also oppose Biden’s natal Pluto simultaneously. Let’s hope this is the positive side of Jupiter and Pluto helping Biden with a peaceful transfer of power on his inauguration day 2021.

Dear Readers, whatever you do, don’t wallow in worry with scrutinizing troubling aspects coming up, just step ahead and become the Visionary Activist you need to become to take your world in the right direction! Nothing stays the same and change is inevitable – be the change you hope to see and manifest it.

If you would like a reading with me or a peek into what this next year ahead could have in store for you visit or email me at to schedule an appointment. Currently booking readings for December 2020!

Love, Light and Onwards we go,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

P.S. A BIG congratulations to Kamala Harris as our new Vice President – perhaps she will run for President four years from now… ;)

P.P.S. Thank you to TidewaterDesignCo for the image of the water-colored flag.

P.P.P.S. Thank you to Shutterstock/Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images for image of Biden and Trump.

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