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Through the Lion's Gate

Hello Friends,

Wow what a week we are in! How are you all doing? This Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius transit just keeps showing up every week this year. Constant sudden shifts of values within our structures, foundations, communities, friendships, authorities, governments – you name it – Uranus and Saturn keep shaking up the pack, surprising us and keeping us on our toes!

Do you hear the Lion’s Roar?

This time around the Saturn square Uranus Saga has an abundance of Leo energy infused within it. Leo the Lion, the King of the Jungle, is here to awaken all of us to notice and acknowledge what our hearts yearn for to be happy. What sets your heart on fire? What brings you passion and what sparks your creativity? Is it your children, a lover, a creative endeavor or something else? Leo is asking us to notice the Lion/ess within ourselves. What does the Lion/ess inside you need to manifest to stay true to yourself, within the ever-changing structures, values and surprises that Uranus and Saturn keep asking of you? What can you find/do/create to feel like you are the Queen or King of your own jungle?

The Lion’s Gate

Sunday August 8th is the very auspicious date of the Lion’s Gate. This Gateway happens every year on 8/8, during Leo season, and it is when Sirius the brightest blue star in the Heavens is in alignment with Orion’s Belt and the Pyramids of Giza. Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and other African tribes celebrated Sirius in the Sky, and believed that Sirius can help bring prosperity, joy, transformation, abundance and fertility. This is a time to awaken to your own divine calling for what your heart needs.

New Moon at 16°14 Leo, San Francisco, CA

Auspicious Leo New Moon

Believe it or not, August 8th is also the magical Leo New Moon of the year! Once again you have the opportunity to plant seeds for what the Leo inside of you needs for the next cycle ahead. You can begin with a 30-day Lunar Cycle or consider the yearly rhythm of tapping into your Creativity and Self Expression, set on by this Leo season, or perhaps the Lunar Family Cycle that begins on August 8th 2021 and continues for the next two years and three months. The Sun signifying the Soul’s Journey, and the Moon offering you nurturance in your Daily Life, together want you to incorporate their offerings into your routines and life adventure: Carpe Diem!

Mercury conjunct New Moon, square Uranus and Opposite Saturn

The Leo New Moon is conjunct Mercury, the Winged Messenger, so be prepared to continue processing not just your Magical Leo Manifestations, but also sifting through and refining your understanding of what the latest Uranus square Saturn issues have brought to light. The Uranus and Saturn energies here are separating from culmination, but they play a significant role with possible surprises and restrictions, their energies most likely are about what has just happened in this last week. Also, it might be hard to shift gears to make changes right now, as Leo, Taurus and Aquarius all are fixed signs, but even starting the process of acknowledging what might be needed in the future is a fabulous start for paving the path ahead.

Passion and Philosophy Entwined

This Auspicious August 8th New Moon in Leo has a fun trine to Eros in Sagittarius, signifying a pull to go out and adventure. Take those loved ones of yours to have a day of fun together and go explore some new horizons. It could be a great time to dive into some philosophical and spiritual discussions with your Lover to find answers for some Big Questions or perhaps just the perfect day for a Romantic day of Passion and Fun! ;)

Sending you all fabulous New Moon in Leo Blessings,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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