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Natal & Forecasting

In-depth consultation on natal chart and forecast for year ahead

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 560 US dollars
  • In-Person or Zoom Consultation

Service Description

In this consultation, we will first go through your natal chart and explain how the planets work for you, which areas of your life are highlighted and how with the planetary placements and nuances interact with each other. Then we will look at this current moment in time as well as what the upcoming year holds in store for you. Please read full descriptions on both parts above, under “Natal Chart Consultation” and “Forecasting Consultation”. During the consultation we can look into some of the following: Explanations of the planets in signs and houses (areas of life) they are placed in: Inner and Outer Planets The 4 Angles: AC-DC and MC-IC Chiron, The Moon’s Nodes & Part of Fortune Asteroids: Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athena, Vesta Aspects between the planets, asteroids and angles in the chart Illuminating strengths and weaknesses The Natal Chart Promise Looking through the year ahead with highlights on both opportunities and challenges Chart consultation on planetary transits for the year ahead Consultation on your Solar Arc placements and SA Shadow placements Moon Families including solar and lunar eclipses for the year Recommendations for how to best use all the upcoming energies and transits

Cancellation Policy

Due to the large amount of time that goes into preparing and translating charts for consultations, any appointments cancelled within less than 48 hours are considered forfeit. If you have to cancel the appointment please do so at your earliest convenience, by emailing Appointments are only confirmed once payments are made, the Disclaimer has been signed and there is confirmation and receipt of both. If Alexandria Consulting Services needs to reschedule, a new appointment can be created at the earliest possible time that is mutually convenient. Any astrological information in a consultation is not to replace trained medical, psychological or financial experts' advice that clients receive. Prior to any consultation clients must sign the Alexandria Consulting Services Disclaimer.

Contact Details

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