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Have you ever thought about how our waxing

And waning beautiful Moon creates the ocean tides as well as brings women’s bodies to often menstruate according to the Moon’s phases?

You might’ve heard and noticed how a lot more energy is in the air on a full moon. Even police departments and hospitals schedule extra personnel on a full moon, since it is known to be the time in the month when more wild and crazy things are going on.

Get ready for the Full Moon Eclipse happening THIS Friday, January 10th at 11:21 am P.S.T., at 20 degrees Cancer!

Cancer the Crab carries its own home upon itself, she walks sideways rather than directly, can be very protective, hard-shelled, but soft and sweet inside.  In Astrology Cancer speaks about Water, Home, Mother, The Femininen, Nurturing and Emotions.

During a normal Full Moon you can expect all areas, mentioned above, especially the emotionality to these areas, to be heightened. Considering that the Moon this Friday is in opposition to a great mass of other powerful planets conjuncting together next to the Sun in Capricorn, which is the sign of Authority, Structures, Foundations, Career we are up for some major mayhem!

The mass conjunction opposing the Moon includes: The Sun (Illumination), Pluto (Death, Rebirth, Transformation), Saturn (Structures and Authority), Mercury (Communication) and two asteroids Ceres (Nurturing) and Chariklo (Healing).

It seems Friday would be a great day to try and avoid getting into verbal arguments, especially with authorities. Actually, send all your important emails out by Thursday and just take Friday off from work and stay home! Make sure to have nutritious food ready in your fridge, take a nice bath and go to sleep early.

Depending on where Cancer and Capricorn land in your own chart and what other planets and points get affected by the Full Moon Eclipse, there could be much more important information to shine light on what this Eclipse might mean for you. 

To find out more schedule your 2020 consultation at

We can dive into the specifics of your chart and bring insights on how what happens in the sky reflects your life here on Earth!

xoxo Lia


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