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Scorpio Full Moon 2024

Hello Astro Friends,


How has the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction brought you unexpected freedom, rebelliousness, or exciting surprises lately? Have your values shifted, or are you possibly feeling the urge to shake up the status quo, and go in a different direction than where you were going?


Personally, I feel the synchronicity of our Time unfolding strongly in my everyday life. We had the sudden urge on Friday to let our eldest daughter babysit the younger one, (for the first time) giving us parents a much-needed moment to go out, and feel a bit of freedom from the everyday parenting we live. Then grandpa, on a whim and without us parents knowing, decided to teach our eldest to drive on Saturday night, offering her an unexpected and different adventure under the moon light!


We are still basking in the Jupiter-Uranus meetup that happened on Saturday, and will continue to feel the influences till May 26th, 2024 when Jupiter finally moves into Gemini. Generally, the World may experience rebellion and sudden breakthroughs in science and technology when Jupiter and Uranus meet up. We too, individually, and on internal levels, may process great leaps in our consciousness and insights to do things in new unique ways.


Another thing to note, is that the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction makes an Earth trine with Lilith in Virgo and Ceres in Capricorn. Lilith energy is about doing your own thing, and not caring what others say. In Virgo Lilith’s energy is focused on health, work, and day to day systems, doing what you know needs to be done, caring for yourself, your exercise routines, and your health. Ceres is how we nurture ourselves, and in Capricorn Ceres offers us the power to nurture ourselves by setting up goals, step-by-step plans and looking ahead on where we want to go.


This Grand Earth trine gives us the opportunity to get into our bodies, get grounded, pay attention to ourselves, our needs, our health, and not care what others say, but do what is right for you and of course - to Mother Earth!


Scorpio Full Moon, April 23rd, 2024, 4:50 p.m., P.S.T., San Francisco, CA, USA

We are about to step into another transformative and illuminating portal, with the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio. The Moon in Scorpio helps us dive into our deeper psychology and penetrating secrets we might generally like to keep hidden. It may dredge up possible power struggles, bring intensity, and wake up our sexuality. While the Sun has entered Taurus, and our senses are delighted with the sights and smells of spring, the Moon enters the sign of The Underworld, reminding us that nothing lasts forever, and change is inevitable.  


As if the Scorpio Full Moon isn’t enough intense on its own, we are having a T-square from Pluto, The Ruler of the Underworld, himself in a square to both the Sun and Moon. The Full Moon illuminates stories that have been building up over time, shining a light on them for everyone to see. During a Scorpio Full Moon, we can expect secrets and stories of oppression coming up for review and now with Pluto in the mix, we can expect the lights to be shown down on the oppressors and the ones holding the controls.


Unfortunately, our World has so many oppression stories currently going on: Palestine, Ukraine, Myanmar, Sudan, and more. Perhaps We The People can make a difference, and put stops on the tyranny, destruction and unnecessary deaths that so many of our people here on Earth are subjected to. Pluto is currently in Aquarius so We the People hold more power than we know in our hands. The Scorpio Full Moon may enlighten us to pay attention to how we spend our money, why our US taxes all go to the war machine, and maybe, just maybe, with the help of this full moon, we can interrupt the storyline.


Mars, the ruler of the Scorpio Full Moon, is currently in Pisces, meaning actions of Compassion and Empathy are on the forefront, and the call to protect others is palatable. The sextile from the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction offers Mars a boost to find unique and positive alternative ways to act, protect and assert oneself.


Mars is also in exact conjunction with the Vertex signifying that the full moon is linked with fated encounters and karmic events for us all. This is a great time to fight for what you believe in and find the Warrior Protector within.


Sending you all transformative blessings for the Scorpio Full Moon and wishes of Peace on Earth and good health for Mother Gaia on this beautiful Earth Day.




Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

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