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Aquarius Full Moon

The Full Moon is a time of illumination and in Aquarius we shine the light on stories involving communities, friendships and organizations while in conversation with the Leo Sun of Self Expression. The Leo-Aquarius axis is about Oneself in contrast to Community, walking one’s own path of Creativity versus what the Aquarian Collective is expecting. An Aquarius Moon can manifest feelings of aloofness, quirkiness, spark interest in alternatives, and even bring up sudden insights of unique thoughts and ideas. It is a great time to think outside the box!

Relating to Moon Family Theory, this Aquarius Full Moon is a culmination of seeds that were planted 18 months ago – January 24th 2020 - to be exact? Perhaps you remember we had just had the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (January 12th 2020) and everything in our world, our structures, institutions, and foundations we had held to be rock solid as we knew them, began to change. The seeds planted around this time are now in full bloom for all of us to witness.

Full Moon Chart for July 23rd 2021, 7:37 PM, San Francisco, CA

The upcoming Full Moon will conjunct Pluto a few hours prior to its culmination with opposing the Leo Sun, bringing in stories of Death, Rebirth and Transformation to our consciousness. How was the last New Moon on July 9th, 2021 (opposite Pluto) for you? Mine was filled with intensity and unfortunately some fear too. My youngest daughter was attending a summer camp’s, end-of-session campout, and in the midst of a Talent Show a child stepped in a wasp nest unleashing vigorous wasps attacking everyone from underground. Such a Pluto, aka Hades Ruler of the Underworld, signification for sure! There are many different elements of course to the upcoming Full Moon, and the prior conjunction to Pluto could just be the perfect ingredient to let go of what no longer serves you, or just the right amount of intensity to awaken you to something that has been unfolding right in front of you.

Asteroid Chariklo, the wife of Chiron, will be conjunct the Full Moon at 1°52 Aquarius. Chariklo offers Spiritual Healing and Sacred Space through her Compassion and Presence. There is some question whether Chariklo on the flipside may also bring up possible feelings of abandonment, so those kinds of issues might show up during this Full Moon. Let us focus on the Spiritual Healing though, as that is something the whole world could use!

Vesta, the asteroid of Tending the Hearth, will be at 2°04 Libra, and will trine the New Moon, focusing our energies within our relationships to uphold Equality and Justice. We must find balance and be sure to be fair to ourselves too, as we navigate our relationships and compromise within them.

Persephone, the Wife of Hades and Goddess of Spring, with her transformational knowledge and ability to hide, is conjunct Lilith, who rages against Patriarchy. Both in the sign of Gemini bring their manifestations through communication, ideas and connection with intensity and a need for liberation of what is holding one back. Luckily, Persephone and Lilith are in a positive trine to the New Moon, perhaps showing us some original ways for us to express our hidden needs, frustrations and unique ideas…

As Saturn is the ruler of the Aquarius Moon, he plays an important part at this Time, and the Moon will be closing in on a conjunction with Saturn, soon after the opposition with the Sun. This dynamic may bring in restrictive vibes from authorities, and a more serious atmosphere, around and soon after the Full Moon. In other words, this is not the most joyful Moon of the year, but we can use it to focus on what structures we have in our lives, and how we can be the authorities for ourselves, versus having someone else step into that role for us.

Saturn is sextile to Chiron in Aries, the Wounded Healer, who just stationed retrograde last Thursday, July 15th, emphasizing finding healing within ourselves. Saturn informs us take note of what our deep Chiron wound within us is and helps us create Time and needed Structures to manifest our path to healing.

Thursday July 22nd Venus will enter Virgo and oppose Jupiter in Aquarius. Venus is what we value and love. The Cosmic shift here will have everyone start focusing on the Virgo elements in their lives: The natural world, our health and digestion, organization, details and creating systems for daily use that work better than before. Jupiter here can bring in some positive flow for getting started on our Virgo path of creating systems. Mars will also join Venus in Virgo on July 30th with getting us all activated to initiate these Virgo necessities in our lives. Venus is what we are attracted to, and Mars is how we make it happen!

July 29th Jupiter will re-enter Aquarius, till December 29th, 2021, which will be a dive back to what was happening prior to May 14th 2021 when Jupiter last was in Aquarius. Jupiter is Pisces has been a more optimistic placement, with many hopes, wishes and dreams being activated, for the world-at-large. Now with Jupiter returning to Aquarius, co-habiting the sign with Saturn, we can expect some more restrictions in these next five months ahead. Simultaneously Jupiter could be returning, with gifts for us in Aquarius, and expanding some of our community and friendship stories.

Wishing you all a transformative, constructive, and healing Full Moon. If interested in a Astro consultation, please visit for more info or to send me a message.


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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