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Are You Wearing Your Mask?

How are you all doing during this chaotic year of 2020? It is truly interesting how our mindset affects our wellbeing, our experiences and our lives.

Lately, I have kept noticing how my mind often wanders (and yes, sometimes gets worried too) about what is coming around the corner. Then I dive into the world of Astrology to find clarity. This year especially, the Astrology symbolism can be translated easily into Doom and Gloom, but how does that benefit anyone? I do believe in the power of thought, of empowering ourselves to make mindful decisions and that in the end Good will win. And of course, sometimes we need Doom and Gloom, the death of the old, for new beginnings to emerge and a new cycle to begin. This next week holds a lot of strong stories within it.

Tuesday October 13th Mercury goes Retrograde at 11° 39 Scorpio and stays retrograde till November 4th 2020 ending at 25°57 Libra. In Scorpio, Mercury the planet that rules our Thoughts and Communication, dives into the dark psychological and hidden parts of our minds. Small talk is out the window and there is a deep need to penetrate to the concealed realms of our unconscious.

This Mercury Retrograde is a time to RE-plan, RE-vision, RE-write, RE-think everything, rather than just push ahead with any NEW ideas, plans or written agreements. Also, do postpone any technological purchases till after November 4th, if you can.

This is the perfect time to get familiar with your own deep thoughts and connect in deep meaningful ways with yourself and your significant other(s). You can take this Mercury Retrograde time to think about how you are really doing in these unpredictable and wild times. Revisit your decisions from the last few weeks, leading up to now, while we were in the Shadow Retrograde, and in the Scorpionic fashion, think of what you can let go of so you can make space for new and better endeavors to come to you.

As it is right now, most people are already thinking of Hallow’s Eve and the Day of the Dead as these holidays are also true Underworld manifestations, ruled by Scorpio and Hades, the Ruler of the Netherworld.

On October 13th Mercury is also in an opposition to the Rebel Uranus - so we can definitely expect some unexpected information to come out - really anytime during this next week. With Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, we can anticipate secrets to be revealed, strange misinformation or lies spread, possible sex scandals getting attention and people’s hidden values suddenly out in the open.

There is also a Sun-Mars opposition, with a T-square to Pluto, happening on the same day. It will shine light on what is actually going on with the Mars Retrograde square Pluto, which culminated for the second time on Friday October 9th 2020.

Mars Retrograde in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, second hit, might sound familiar, as we had the same kind of square happen on August 13th 2020. What happened then…? Well, 500 fires broke out after the crazy lighting storm that shook California! Luckily this time Black Moon Lilith (Hades's counterpart) isn’t in the mix, but nonetheless, there is another wave of questioning coming to the Old Powers that be.

Saturn in Capricorn, could be portrayed as Trump: the failing old structure, trying to still hold onto power. Remember, Saturn was conjunct Pluto 1/12/20 which started this whole cycle of breaking down our held structures! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the questioning Mars Retrograde reminding everyone of what wasn’t done right the first time around!

Ironically, the third and final hit of Mars square Pluto will happen around December 22nd, right when we are also going to experience the once-in-our-lifetime Saturn and Jupiter conjunction at 0° Aquarius which will happen the day before. Really entering the Age of Aquarius, if you ask me.

We also have a New Moon in Libra 23°54, happening on Friday October 16th 2020

A new 28-day cycle - or a new 2 years and 3 months cycle - if you have an important planet or angle between 21-26 degrees Libra. This is a new beginning in the realm of first and foremost Relationships and finding Balance within them. How to care for oneself and one’s relationships simultaneously - that is the question! This New Moon is also a potential start in the realms of Art, Justice and Equality. Seeds are planted with this energy so pick your endeavors and relationships with care as each decision always takes you where you are heading!

The New Moon on Friday is also in a beautiful trine (harmonious aspect) to the North Node & Psyche Asteroid in conjunction at 21°- 22° Gemini. The North Node, our Karmic Future, and Psyche, who is literally our current collective psyche, are together pointing to the importance of us connecting with others. We need to attain the necessary information and connect the dots correctly so we can all make choices to better suit us and our relationships. Use your knowledge of the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, the ability right now to sift through the unnecessary and get to the bottom of things, so you can get clear on your thoughts, of what you really want for yourself and from your relationships.

There is one more thing to keep in mind with all of the above: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio also literally speaks of death. Thus, with the Libra New Moon, and the Luminaries’ trine to the North Node and Psyche urging us to connect with one another, PLEASE keep your masks on! Instead of spreading deathly air to others, use the other “Scorpionic Hidden Communication” to protect those who are around you. Symbolism comes in many ways.

Sending you all Transformational Ideas, Old Endings and New Beginnings,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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