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Aries Full Moon Conjunct Chiron

Hello Astrology Friends,

Everyone is commenting and feeling the wild time we are living in! Mars has been in the sign of Gemini since August 20th, 2022 and will stay there till March 25th 2023. This has brought actions and communications to an all-time-high with all of us juggling a multitude of issues, tasks and to-do’s, all at once. October 31st Mars will start its retrograde period which will give us necessary pause to revisit our actions and communications from the past months. Mars is important here, as it is the ruler of the upcoming Full Moon in Aries.

Full Moon in Aries, Sunday October 9th, 2022, 1:55pm P.S.T., San Francisco, CA

The full moon is a time of seeing the fruits of our labors, and with the Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, there is the continuous dance and reflection between ourselves and our significant others. The Sun in Libra, conjunct Venus, specifically shines the light on who we are as individuals in contrast with our relationships. The Libra scales are emphasizing the light of justice and equality on who we each are individually.

The Moon in Aries is fiery, ready for action, impulsive, and conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer. The Chiron influenced full moon is acknowledging us, within our emotional realms, who we are as healers, to ourselves and our significant others, as well as how only through processing our wounds can we find our true healing.

The Aries Moon is in a sextile to Mars in Gemini and to Saturn in Aquarius, offering us the ability to Act and take Responsibility for who we are, through our communications and within our communities. Use this energy folks!

During our full moon on Sunday, October 9th, we will also have Pluto, the planet of transformation, stationing direct, at 26 degrees Capricorn, and in a trine to Mercury in Virgo. The trine will help us let go of the unnecessary analytical ruminations of our minds and emphasize the building of new pathways for moving forward.

Pluto began its retrograde April 30th 2022, and since then. we’ve been in a place of navigating the underworld of our internal psychological depths. Now we can finally begin to move forward through what has come up in the last months, shed away the fears, and rise again from the ashes of our own insecurities, like phoenixes, to meet the challenges ahead.

Pluto has been traveling in Capricorn since November of 2008, and it is coming close to the end of its Capricorn cycle, in which time it has been transforming all foundations and structures we had believed would last forever… Capricorn is the sign of Authorities, Teachers, Elders and Governments, and in these last years we have had some monumental shifts in these realms: many unfortunate deaths of our elders, long-held prestigious institutions forced to close down, authorities becoming more intense and the Plutonic fearmongering that continues to be laid upon the people, from authorities.

Pluto will be entering Aquarius for the first time March 23rd, 2023. It will continue to pivot between Capricorn and Aquarius for awhile, but change is inevitably here! Pluto in Aquarius brings the power to the people, communities, social organizations, technologies, and the future! All of these will go through their own metamorphic processes, there will be deaths and rebirths in all these realms, and new beginnings are on the Horizon.

Wishing you all an insightful and fabulous Full Moon!


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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