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Back to the Womb

There is a very important New Moon Solar Eclipse happening this Sunday 6/21/20 which takes place at 0° Cancer. There are again probably another 50 things I could be writing about right now which are happening this week astrologically, but I am going to just focus on this upcoming Eclipse.

Cancer in Astrology is symbolized by the Crab who carries her Home on her back wherever she goes. The Crab walks both on Land and Underwater fluctuating with the Moon and the Tides which ebb and flow. She moves sideways as if always weighing out the pros or cons of which way to go. This Eclipse is an important moment in time to Acknowledge and begin to Manifest what you really Need to feel Nurtured and Safe. Each of us have our own particular needs that are different for each of us, but generally speaking we all need Food, Water and Shelter.

Just to clarify, Cancer is a Water sign and she is ruled by the Moon. Cancer corresponds to the 4th house on Zodiac Mandala which specifically talks about Mother, Home and the Roots where one comes from - and ironically where one will return to, at the end of one's' life.

Cancer the Crab has Deep Emotions, Feelings and Needs and she will Protect, Care and Nurture her young... Ok, yeah, except for those few crabs that eat their young...a story for another time!!

Life on Earth started in Water. Humans begin their evolution from a fertilized Egg, inside the womb of a Mother, to become a fetus swimming in the amniotic fluids of the Mother. What a moment in Time to acknowledge our Mothers, Ancestors and the Sacred Waters that continue to bring us the magic of our existence.

Water is Life!

This Cancer New Moon Eclipse offers the possibility for a new Beginning and possibly even a new Era for the Movement of Mothers and what has intrinsically been missing in our Unfortunate Patriarchy for too long.

“All Mothers Were Summoned When George Floyd Called Out To His Mama!”

THIS is a rise-up moment for Women and Mothers to take back their power, start a new Herstory and focus on what we all need to stay Alive, Safe and Well. The Black Lives Matter movement is paving the way for this possibility to occur. And yes BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!

A New Moon is a time to plant seeds, to acknowledge the change that needs to happen and a Beginning for a new journey ahead. And yes, of course the pendulum will swing the other way as well, on December 21st 2020 when the Solar Eclipse then will give us an opposing answer to whatever begins now on 6/21/2020...

Depending where this Eclipse falls in your own Astrology Chart there are many different possibilities of how it may manifest for you in particular. Most likely it will bring about some changes to your Home: possibly renovations and moving residences. There is an opportunity to truly connect with your Emotional Realm and make the changes so that you Feel Nurtured and Cared for. There is a chance to start a new Ancestral Story that will continue for generations to come - let’s make that as Positive, Nurturing and Caring as possible!

This Eclipse will be like a New Moon on steroids. Expect big changes to continue to evolve from this for the next three months at the very least. Also, since the Eclipse is at 0 degrees it is extremely potent, and since Cancer is a Cardinal sign, it also pushes action to happen even stronger than in Fixed or Mutable signs.

Just to clarify Cardinal signs, especially at 0 degrees, are Aries (March 21st,), Cancer (June 21st), Libra (September 21st) and Capricorn (December 21st) - they each reflect a beginning point of our four seasons and correspond to the Solstices and Equinoxes. Powerful moments all around.

Of course that isn’t all that is happening in the Sky, as there are so many other stories unfolding simultaneously during this Eclipse:

  • Mercury goes retrograde Thursday June 18th at 14.46 degrees Cancer - till July 12th, making communication more challenging. During any Mercury Retrograde you want to try to just finish up old tasks rather than start new ones: Re-vise, Re-write, Re-think and Re-visit your thoughts, feelings, writings, emails, publications and so on. Avoid signing contracts, starting new jobs or even purchasing any technical equipment if possible. Mercury in Cancer has us connected more to our Emotions and Needs and this retrograde gives us the opportunity to retrace our steps and rewrite our stories to better reflect what we need and want to communicate to ourselves and the world at large.

  • During Sunday’s New Moon Eclipse, Mercury will also be in a harmonious aspect (trine) with Asteroid Ceres, the Asteroid Goddess of Agriculture and Nourishment, symbolizing yet again: The Mother and Nurturing! Communication thus will be on the same themes the Sun and Moon are already highlighting at their conjunction. Astrology often will illuminate certain symbolisms and meanings multiple times over to point out the significance of something that is Written in the Stars…

  • There is also a square (hard aspect) from the New Moon Eclipse on Sunday to the Asteroid Persephone which is at 30th degree of Pisces - yes, the last degree in the Zodiac - and the daughter of Ceres who is in conversation with Mercury! The story of Persephone, Ceres and Hades (Pluto, ruler of the underworld) is a spectacular one of a Mother’s Love, a Daughter’s Abduction and the Power and Obsession of the Lord of the Underworld. Persephone ends up spending half of each year as the Goddess of Spring with her Mother: March 21st-September 21st and the other half with Hades, as the Queen of the Underworld. Another story of the significance of the seasons. I will dive in more deeply to this mythology another time. But, astrologically, there is something to be said about Persephone at the last degree of Pisces, finalizing a cycle where she is in the Collective Waves of our Hidden Consciousness and just about to emerge more powerful at 0 degrees Aries on Tuesday June 23rd!

  • There is also a harder aspected Quincunx from the Eclipse on Sunday to retrograde Saturn at 0° Aquarius, illuminating the very need for New Innovative Structures and Foundations to be built for the Collective Society, but which we have yet to figure out. This 0 degrees Aquarius is another powerful point as December 2020’s Solar Eclipse coincides with the Great Saturn and Jupiter conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius, thus starting a new 200 year cycle in the element of Air... Just saying. Things are not clear now, but they will be a lot more clarified by the end of December 2020.

In these last few days leading up to this Eclipse, with the Moon waning and the Sun ending its journey in busy Gemini, connect with yourself and cut-out all the unnecessary, the draining relationships that no longer serve you, the stories that you hold on to that are unuseful.

Re-imagine how you would like your world and home to be. Make an offering to your sacred water, your Mother and your Father! Don’t forget to honor all the Papas who are part of your life Nurturing, Feeding and Protecting you. Happy Fathers’ Day to all you caring, loving Papas out there!!

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Blessed be these times we live in.

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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