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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

Hello Dear Earthlings,

Here we are, in Eclipse season, sailing the wild open waters of the Universe! Are you feeling the intensities of this portal we are currently in?! It is amazing how the shift of thoughts, ideas and information keeps coming with the Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, focusing our attentions on information shared, received and considered. Simultaneously the Eclipses keep illuminating stories we never even knew existed – sharing new shades of shadow and light to those that we knew did! This is the magic of having the light of our luminaries (Sun and Moon) be altered: we have new situations arise to our consciousness, we see things in new light, and keep navigating the best path forward.

Sunday May 15th – Monday May 16th, 2022, Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio

Lunar Eclipses always happen on a Full Moon. The Earth’s shadow crosses over the Moon in the Sky, turning the Moon rusty or blood-red in color, and offering us an alternate view of what we usually see. The energy of an Eclipse can be felt for weeks, even months after, some say six months! Many life-changing situations arise as the normal illumination of the Full Moon is eclipsed, showing us the shadows, we might have not paid attention to before.

There are many Lunar Eclipse mythologies around the world, from jaguars and dragons eating the Moon, to attacks by demons, and fights between the Sun and Moon that people here on Earth must stop to allow peace to prevail. The ominous myths of the Lunar Eclipses connect specifically when Eclipses happen in conjunction with the South Node in the Sky.

Astronomically the South Node (SN) is the point in the Heavens where the Moon’s orbit connects with the Sun’s perceived path through the Sky in the south, as seen here on Earth. The South Node Astrologically speaks of past karma, old stories and situations that are ready to come to an end. The SN informs us of what we know confidently, and pushes us to use the knowledge so we can move toward the opposite direction: our North Node. The North Node connects exactly to the opposite point in the Zodiac and offers new karmic stories beginning together with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse time.

The Lunar Eclipse on May 15th - 16th, 2022, depending on where you live, is happening at 25 degrees Scorpio - the sign of the Unseen. The Eclipse, may bring up Hidden Stories, Lies, Deceptions and Power Plays, and it will also offer the chance to End situations that no longer serve us. The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, enhanced by the Ruler of the Underworld and the Master of Transformation, wants us to Be Powerful, Take Charge, Make Changes – or the Universe will do it for us anyway. The South Node in Scorpio, on a larger scale, could also speak of endings of almighty Powerful Dictators and Rulers. (One could only hope…!)

Do you know where in your chart this Scorpio Eclipse will happen? As each of us has our own unique Astrological Natal Chart, the Eclipse will unfold differently for each of us, depending on which house it lands in, what other planets or important points are involved with the Eclipse.

Here is a link to see the timing of the Lunar Eclipse in California! It starts at 7:40pm PST and is at maximum full eclipse at 9:11pm and ending at 11:50pm.

Other Happenings in the Heavens During the Eclipse

The Eclipse ruler Pluto in a sextile to the Moon offering us an extra powerful push to let go of the unnecessary!

Saturn square the Eclipse signals the challenges set forth as roadblocks in the way, Authority Figures standing against us, and the feeling of restrictions we need to overcome to do our karmic necessities to move forward.

Uranus in Taurus and still in opposition to the Eclipsed Moon will bring in the Surprise…

Mars conjunct Neptune in a trine to the Eclipse helps us make our Actions to be based on Intuition - as well as offers us a back door to try and escape by doing nothing…

The Mars-Neptune conjunction, in San Francisco, CA, is right at the bottom of the chart, by the Imum Coeli, signifying that we are coming from a place of heightened intuition, a will for moving ahead, but also having our actions disintegrating as Neptune tends to blur things out. As the Sun and North Node in Taurus sextile the Mars-Neptune conjunction, as does Pluto in Capricorn, there are significant opportunities to help us move in the right direction! Don’t take Neptune’s easy way out and avoid the confrontations, integrate the needed compassion in your actions to move ahead in your karmic story!

Mercury turned retrograde May 11th 2022 at 04.50 Gemini, stationing direct at 26.05 Taurus, until June 3rd. Not a great time to start new plans, but rather finish ones started by April 26th! Avoid signing legal papers, buying electronics, and be ready for a lot of Re-doing, Re-evaluating, and Re-communicating.

Jupiter moved into Aries on May 11th, revving up the Arian energies, helping us find Meaning and Opportunities by trusting in Ourselves, expanding our Philosophies by being Brave, grabbing the bull by the horns and Moving Forward with our Ideas and Opportunities that emerge for us.

Venus and Chiron Conjunction in Aries offers us the opportunities to heal by being our true selves, looking at our own actions, and by pouring love into ourselves, we radiate that healing for our relationships all around. Of course, you first must look at yourself and know what your wounds are so you can begin the path to healing.

Ceres, Mother Nurturer of the Zodiac, has moved into the sign of Cancer telling us to care for ourselves through our connection with our roots, ancestors, Mothers, families and home. Nourishing our bodies with health foods is favorable as is acknowledging and connecting with our emotions.

Wishing you all a fantastic, transformative and illuminating Lunar Eclipse time!


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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