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We are at the brink of the Aquarian Age folks!

The New Moon, which signifies new beginnings, is together with the Sun in the Sky, at 4 degrees Aquarius today. 

Aquarius is the sign of society, community, organizations, friends and the collective. The Aquarius thinks outside of the box, s/he is a rebel, unique and a visionary! 

Mercury, the way that we communicate, is also in Aquarius now, and as Aquarius also rules computers and the internet, the general communication is in alignment of Aquarian themes mentioned earlier and also happening largely on the  internet!

THIS is the time to start new endeavors for making one’s community, the society in whole, better.  It is time to shine the light on new visions, gather with one’s community and think of how best we can all help our World, Society and the Collective.

This New Moon is also today in an exact square (a more harsh energetic that can also create the friction for things to actually get pushed forward) to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. 

Uranus, the liberator, the energy of the sudden unexpected, is currently located at 2 degrees Taurus. Taurus signifies what we value, earth, money and food.

In other words, it also seems this New Moon today might suddenly shift the Collective’s values of what we hold important for our Earth and Society!

In the meantime, Venus the planet that attracts, is in Pisces, the sign of divine love, the subconscious self, dreams, art, music and possibly confusion… 

Also today, Venus is at a square to Mars, the planet of action which is located in Sagittarius, the Seeker of Truth, the Philosopher who searches for higher learning and has a message to deliver.

It feels as if our attraction currently is to delve into a Pisces dream world for the Collective, as Michael Jackson would say it: “A better place, for you and for me and the entire human race…” while our actions reflect seeking truth to get to higher understanding! 

Jupiter, the optimistic planet that brings expansion for our belief system, is also at a sextile (harmonious energy) to Venus and located for most of the rest of this year in Capricorn, the sign that creates structures and foundations.

Venus is also in conjunction with Neptune (the ruler of Pisces), and the planet that rules again those Piscine themes of dreams, subconscious self, collective, art, but also drugs, alcohol and escaping from reality. This could cause confusion of what we really are attracted to or bring us to a higher level of reaching for our Divine Love for the Collective…

Let’s not forget the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn still going on, which happened earlier this month, and which we will continue to feel the effects of for a long time ahead. 

Saturn signifies structures, authorities, karma, time and foundations. Pluto can magnetize the energy of whatever is touches but also signifies Hades, the Ruler of the Underworld, thus bringing about death and rebirth to whatever it touches. 

Transformation of structures is on!

All of these planets and placements will also reflect uniquely for each of us, depending on where they all were placed in one’s chart on the moment of one’s birth. 

If you would like to know more: I can help you! Email to book your Natal Chart Consultation!



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