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Did you feel the energy shift today?

Just wondering... I for one was going a million miles a minute yesterday when Mercury was at the last degree of Gemini - conjunct the North Node in the Sky.

Mercury, who rules Communication, also known in Mythology as “Hermes” the Messenger, was flying around bringing information from one place to another. The last degree in any sign brings ALL the manifestations of that sign - good and bad - to fruition. Gemini of course is a Mercury-ruled sign in itself, so for someone like myself, who has a Gemini Rising, the energy was almost unbearable. Seriously. And while Mercury was in exact conjunction with the Nodal Axis in the Sky - all the Karmic Stories were coming up - at every moment. The fact that also the Sun, Venus & Vesta are in Gemini really just brings in more Cosmic Flow to the Melting Pot of Over-the-Board Thinking, Communicating and Trying to Just Do Too Much.

Thank goodness today Hermes (Mercury) has entered Cancer and is also wandering away from the Karmic Nodal Axis. We can take a moment and Connect with our innermost Feelings and Emotions - instead of spinning around like a never-ending Hamster Wheel flying through the air! This is actually a GREAT time to Think of Yourself, your Needs, Wants, Plan Action Steps that Resonate and get Communication Cleared up with anyone you feel necessary to do so.

Tuesday June 2nd 2020 Mercury will be entering it’s Retrograde Shadow period, which means that you literally have THIS WEEKEND to start new projects! After Tuesday you will want to start focusing on how to finish already started projects and start all the normal Mercury Retrograde RE-visions. The actual Mercury Retrograde will happen June 18th - July 12th 2020, and the Shadow Retrograde ends July 26th 2020. There are SO MANY important Astrological Happenings coming down the line in that time frame, that you will be glad to not be dealing with mishaps from not paying attention to the Mercury Retro right from the start. Just saying! ;)

Stay tuned for more Astro updates coming soon. If you are interested in a Consultation, please message me through my website to get yourself on to the calendar.

Sending Astro Blessings,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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