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Dream Big, Work Hard & Liberate Your Old Stories... March 9th 2020 Full Moon

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

This Full Moon in Virgo reminds us to think of Mother Earth, our bodies and our health. You have the possibility to break free from old structures, create new nurturing daily rituals that revolutionize your own values, health and life! This is a time to Dream Big, as every new endeavor starts with the first thought, so let your imagination flow! Let go of what is not necessary, but remember to not fall into illusions and stories that aren’t true...

Here is the astrological breakdown:

The Full Moon is in Virgo - opposite the Sun - which is conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Virgo, the Earth sign Goddess, speaks to us about Nature of course, but Astrologically also of Work, Service and Health, as well as the Details and Underlying Structures of what is needed for Anything in Life to Flow. With the Full Moon here, this is a moment of climax to get work done, focus on the details, pay attention to one's body, health and what one needs to keep things going in the right direction.

The Sun illuminates and in Pisces, especially conjunct Neptune, it illuminates everything from Divine Love, Art, and Music to Drugs, Deception and Escaping Reality. Neptune with its rose-colored glasses rules our Subconscious Selves, Dreams, Fears and Self-Undoing. Things may look different than they are as Neptune creates a fog and takes away clear visibility. It can also lead us to reach for the Divine, bringing hope, dreams and creative ideas to help the Collective!

Simultaneously the Sun is sextiling (harmonious energy) Jupiter, and trining the Moon, (also harmonious) which amplifies, expands and can bring in good luck, if Jupiter doesn’t overdo things…which sometimes it definitely does.

There is also a conjunction between Uranus and Venus bringing about sudden, unexpected attractions and wants as well as shifts in values, money and breaking free of old patterns.

Also, in the Sky, Uranus & Venus sextile the North Node (Karmic Future) and trine the South Node (The Past), bringing in the Love and Liberation to go towards our Future while letting go of the Past.

How perfect during this time of Sun in Pisces (the end of the Astrological year), to finalize old unhelpful stories of structures (South Node in Capricorn) and embrace the call for nurturing Mother Earth, Family, Home and Food (North Node in Cancer).

Happy Full Moon Folks!

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