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Black Moon Lillith and Chiron

Black Moon Lillith has just now entered Aries and will be conjuncting Chiron till about mid October 2020! 

We need to start with the myth of Lillith:


Lillith was Adam’s first wife living in the Garden of Eden. Lillith wanted equality and to not be told what to do. That wasn’t exactly what Adam had in mind, so Lillith left or in some stories was banished, and Adam then created his new wife Eve, who would submit to him. 

The churches have depicted Lillith as the worst possible woman of hatred, implying her to be vengeful,  jealous, and a child murderer. According to their stories Lillith mated with evil spirits and had demonic children, and then in jealous revenge she would kill other children for being denied by Adam…

Other Goddess mythologies speak of her as a woman wanting equality, to be free, in charge of her own body, her own children and her own choices!

In Astrology, Black Moon Lillith is an astrological point –  a place on our Moon’s elliptical orbit which is furthest from Earth – the lunar apogee. She signifies the Dark Goddess Archetype and she holds a lot of Scorpionic traits within her: sex, death, transformation, obsession, jealousy as well as femininen equality, female rage against patriarchy and domination of men!


Chiron is the Wounded Healer. He was a Centaur who spent his life helping and healing others, though he ended up with a wound himself that he could not heal. He suffered for a long time since he was immortal, thou still continued healing others. In the end the Gods gave him mercy and he was able to die and heal his wound.

In the Sky Chiron is an asteroid and astrologically he signifies the wound we carry with us, what hurts us the most, but can also be the place where healing can happen. It is where we can empower ourselves: do we want to be Wounded or be the Healer?!


The first sign of the Zodiac, Masculine Fire, implying emergence, initiation and impulsiveness, being quick and fiery, thinking about oneself and one’s body, and the beginning of a new cycle. Aries is ruled by Mars, aka “Ares” the God of War, the planet that motivates one to act and fight for what one wants.


We have Lillith, who has just emerged into our consciousness, bringing an array of possibilities of women wanting equality, taking back their power and rage against patriarchy – meeting with the Wounded Healer for the next 9’ish months. 

How appropriate for this union to last the same cycle it takes a human baby to grow in the womb!

Could this be the beginning of true healing or are we still in the phase of wounding? 

How is it that even today, in this time of the new 20’s, women do not have control over their bodies, choices and children? 

How can it be that our country separates families at our borders? 

Children taken screaming from their Mothers and Fathers?

ICE arrests splitting families apart left and right.

Sexual abuse in these God-forsaken incarceration camps.

THIS is the time to wake-up, take action and fight this patriarchal madness! Let’s heal this inequality of genders, races, belief systems and sexual preferences. We all are part of the same family – the human family – and our one calling should be to help and heal one another, not wound.

Does Chiron inflict more wounding to those standing up for their equal rights or is this the turning point where the healing can begin? This could be a time of both. In Astrology there is always both negative and positive manifestations of any energy. We get to empower ourselves  to make more conscious decisions when we know more about the choices we have coming ahead.

Do you know where your Black Moon Lillith and Chiron are in your Astrology chart? Do you know where their current conjunction happens in your chart and what that is illuminating for you in your personal life?

If you would like to know more, visit to find out more details and schedule your own Astrology Consultation with me.



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