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Full Moon in Leo

Hello Astrology Friends,

We have a Full Moon in Leo happening on Thursday January 28th. Leo Full Moon has the essence for us to tap into our Creativity and Self Expression in Fun, Dramatic and Glorious ways, but this Leo Full Moon has more players in the mix…

Thursday 11:16 AM Leo Full Moon chart for San Francisco, CA

The Sun is in conjunction, at the same degree, with Jupiter so there is an Abundant, Expansive and Optimistic energy present which can also contribute to excessive and over-the-top situations, if not kept in check. The Sun is also in conjunction with Saturn which is separating (meaning the Sun is moving away from the conjunction) that can offer us a little more grounding so we don’t just gallop too far off into the Utopian world of Centaurs (Sun Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius). Not sure that would be such a bad thing either!

Mars, the activator stirring agitation, is in a square to the Sun - Moon opposition from Taurus. A square challenges us and brings in dynamics we hadn’t necessarily seen coming, though Mars in Taurus moves slowly and stubbornly and keeps asking us, at this time, to question our values. Mars is fueled up in conjunction with both Uranus, the Unexpected Rebel, and Lilith the Rage against Patriarchy and One Doing What One Wants without consent of others.

Yes - thank Goddess - the values are shifting, at least here in the United States from what our Government has been pushing down our throats for the last four years, to what our current administration is now setting up as the seeming Equal Rights path ahead.

Astrology will always echo its important messages by showing similar symbols multiple times to emphasize the meaning. Notice how Venus is also in conjunction with Pluto (in Capricorn) during this Full Moon, symbolizing the Death and Rebirth (Pluto) of Values (Venus) of our Authorities and Government (Capricorn).

We have Ceres in Pisces, too, offering nurturing to the collective through compassion, in opposition to Vesta in Virgo which focuses on perfection of details in work, service and health. This dynamic creates the push to alleviate suffering of the masses, curb the virus that is hurting people, and vaccinate the collective while simultaneously being very critical and perhaps discriminatory in our everyday dealings to keep ourselves and families safe.

This is a time for each of us to look deep inside our hearts and ask ourselves: what are our values and what do we love, appreciate and feel the need to fight for? What is worth arguing over, especially when it comes at odds with our friends and communities (Sun Stellium in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus) when we all have different values, ideas and beliefs? Can we banter back and forth with Love and Courage (Leo Moon) - and try to see each other's views? Or do we push forward with what we believe is the only right course of action (Mars) with rage (Lilith) and rebellion (Uranus) against those who don’t share our values and ideals?

These are the questions the Stars have lined up for us this week. For a Year Ahead 2021 Consult or to get an in-depth natal chart reading or perhaps a Relationship Consultation, please visit for more info on how to get on the calendar.

Best Full Moon Wishes,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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