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Full Moon in Leo

Hello Astrology Friends,

We are coming up on the Leo Full Moon of 2023!

Full Moons are a time of acknowledging the unfolding stories in our lives - and the world at large. During the full moon, the lunar cycle is at a peak, and we get to see the outcome of what we have been working on over the last cycle. You can count lunar cycles either from the beginning of the last New Moon, in this case January 21st, 2023, or the Lunar Family cycle that started with the Leo New Moon, on the Lion’s Gate, August 8th, 2021, 18 months ago.

If you don’t yet have a system for writing down your intentions and wishes that you plant each month with the New Moon, I highly encourage you to find a way to do that, so you can track your own lunar manifestations!

Sunday February 5th, Full Moon in Leo, 10:30 am, P.S.T., San Francisco, CA

Leo rules the heart, and helps us realize what makes us happy, especially when hearts feel full and spark joy! Thus, Leo also rules children, creativity, dancing to the beat of one’s own drum, and romance. The Sun in Aquarius illuminates these Leo stories entwining them with plans for the future, unique ideas, and out-of-the-ordinary twists and turns.

Uranus, the Awakened Rebel, is in an exact square to the Full Moon culmination and in a sextile to Venus, signaling possibly erratic changes in our value systems and unexpected surprises in our relationships.

The current square between Venus and Mars brings out the edges between current wants to escape away from reality, with Venus in Pisces, perhaps diving into art, music, movies, a glass of wine and fantasy, while Mars the warrior in Gemini is pushing us to continue trekking forward, with endless communications through the ethers of internet, phone and day-to-day communications.

Mercury, ruling our minds and thoughts, continues his journey in Capricorn, asking us to tend to the bigger structures holding us here on Planet Earth. Step-by-step plans and goals need to keep going, even though Mercury is also in a fun sextile to Neptune in Pisces, luring us to escape reality with Venus!

Mercury is closing in on Pluto in this next week, so yes, expect more intensity in communications, more conversations with authorities… did someone say taxes, already!?

The Sun is gradually coming to its conjunction with Saturn, happening exact on Thursday January 16th, and we will be getting more serious by the beginning of the week, when our duties and responsibilities are having the rays of the Sun blasted on them.

For now, let’s enjoy what the full moon brings this weekend, awaken to having fun with your children, your beloveds, or doing solo whatever it is that makes your heart sing! Our big responsibilities can surely wait till next week. ;)

Happy Leo Full Moon!

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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