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Gemini New Moon

Hello Astrology Friends,

Aren’t you glad we got through that Eclipse Portal!? I wonder what people, who don’t follow the planetary alignments, think when we travel through these vortexes in the Cosmos! Surprising revelations, sudden awakenings, abrupt endings and beginnings all are part of life, but knowing or being at least aware of their proximity and timing just seems so essential for comprehending how things unfold.

Monday May 30th, New Moon in Gemini, 4:30 am, San Francisco, CA, USA

We are starting a new two-year and three-month cycle at 9 degrees Gemini on Monday. The air sign Gemini is pictured as The Twins: two heads talking, conversing, sharing insights and gossiping. The twins enjoy connecting the dots and cross-pollinating information from different sources.

This could be a great time for beginning new projects, but only thinking about them currently, not acting on them yet, as Gemini’s ruler Mercury is still retrograde until June 3rd and finishing its shadow period on June 18th. Every new project and venture starts with a plan, so begin to think about what you want and allow the next few weeks’ time to make changes, and that will help you move ahead later in the month with more ease.

The New Moon is forming an exciting, forceful, yet helpful, sextile from the Mars and Jupiter conjunction in Aries. We have been feeling Mars’s push to move forward since May 25th when Mars entered Aries and with the exuberant combination conjunct with Jupiter, we should all also be careful not to over-do activities at this time!

Chariklo, Chiron’s Wife and the asteroid of Spiritual Healing, is in a beautiful trine to the New Moon, offering us the opportunity to find healing on the new moon journey ahead with our significant others as well as within our community (Chariklo in Aquarius).

Perhaps this Gemini new moon journey is best aligned when one optimistically and courageously moves forward connecting information and helping to heal communities. Surely enough with all the awful things happening in our world, from War Crimes, abolishing Equal Rights, Global Warming, School Massacres and so many other dire issues, we all should start to look at what each of us can do to help our World and Communities. Use this New Moon energy wisely and start planning.

Wishing you all a fruitful New Moon time ahead!


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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