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Happy Astrological New Year!

We entered 0 degrees Aries already on Saturday morning, and the energetic push to move things forward emerged rapidly! New ideas and Endeavors are arising, like sprouts, from the deep depths where they have been hiding underground in the vast Piscean subconscious ocean.

We made it through the darkest time of the year, Persephone has emerged once again to be with her Mother Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Harvest, also known as Ceres the Roman Goddess of Agriculture. We have travelled through the Equinox, Spring is in the air, the ground is fertile for planting, and so is the energetic consciousness to Push Forward and Re-invent Oneself. Thank Goddess for Aries season – now we get to pour attention to ourselves, start our new health regimes, and focus on what we want! ;)

Chart for Sun entering 0 degrees Aries, at 2:38 am, 3/20/21, San Francisco, CA

You may notice the Sun in conjunction with Venus, the planet that rules Self-worth, Money, Values, Relationships and Love. This conjunction brings all these Venusian pieces to the forefront of this New Year for us all. The world’s collective Soul Story for this year is illuminating the importance of Venus and the gifts she brings. In Pisces, Venus here showcases that our World this year wants Imagination, Dreams, Art, Music, Spirituality and Healing. Of course, there can also be the attraction to just Escape the real world - perhaps through substances - or by just fantasizing through one’s own Imagination. Luckily, this next journey around the Sun is hued with true Compassion and a willingness to Help the Underdogs and those Less Fortunate in our world.

Since Venus also rules money and self-worth, both of these concepts are also driving factors for us Earthlings in this Astrological New Year. Many people have had a shift on what they were doing from one year ago, just prior to when Covid-19 hit the world, and lockdowns took over our lives. A new time has slowly been emerging – not saying we are “post-Covid” here yet, but there is a bubbling feeling of new beginnings. At least here in the United States, with finally Stimulus Money being offered monthly to families to ‘stimulate the economy’, restrictions being lifted and Covid-19 case numbers going down, suddenly there are more jobs opening and opportunities on the horizon. And, with all that, new questions are coming up: what do we want to be doing? What work can we do? How can we get paid and ensure money coming in even if new lockdowns emerge? How can we re-invent ourselves in a way where we honor our own self-worth, find value in what we do and have our sovereignty in the future? These are the questions Venus conjunct our Sun at 0 degrees Aries is asking us this year.

Our beloved New Year’s Sun in Aries also makes a sextile to the forever transforming Pluto in Capricorn. This offers opportunities this whole year to let go of what is not needed, continue to change the structures that do not serve us anymore and find new ways of being authentically oneself.

Again dear Earthlings, Happy Astrological New Year, don’t forget to take care of Yourself! If you would like to schedule an Astro consultation with me, please visit or email


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services Astrologer & Business Consultant

Thank you to for the beautiful Persephone and Demeter image!

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