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Happy Midsummer!

Hello Astrology Friends,

I’m finally circling back, after a hiatus due to the shock and grief of losing a dear childhood friend unexpectedly last month. Death is the ultimate teacher that brings everything into perspective. I have been reminded again to hold and hug my loved ones, let go of unnecessary grudges, and live each day like it is the last, since eventually one day it will be, our last.


During my little break we had a big planetary shift happen: Jupiter moved into Gemini for the next year, till June 10th, 2025. Jupiter expands, grows, and can even blow things out of proportion, if we aren’t careful, though generally it is considered The Planet of Luck. This next year we can expect all Gemini-related topics to truly take on a much bigger part in our lives: communication on all levels, social media, searching and sharing information, gossip, writings and literally becoming social butterflies. Gemini is an air sign, so paying close attention to our respitory health and lungs is important. Yoga, breath work and breathing exercises are all useful with overstimulation and helping us get back into our bodies, from our overworked minds. And if you are a writer, podcaster or radio show host, to name a few, take this time to enjoy all the new information and ideas flooding into our consciousness and sharing them with your audiences.


Thursday June 20th at 1:50 pm, PST we enter 0° Cancer. This brings us the longest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere. Cancer is cardinal sign, a shifter of seasons, and an intuitive connecter to our ancestry, family, home, emotions and feelings. It is interesting, and astrologically right on time, how during Cancer season schools are out and families are spending more time together indulging in summer activities like baking, cooking, camping, swimming, stories around the camp fires – all very Cancerian activities.

Friday, June 21st, 2024, we have a Full Moon at 1.07° Capricorn, bringing to light stories that began December 23rd, 2022. It is good to reflect back to what began to brew back then and how the stories have unfolded. Capricorn is about structures, foundations, goals and responsibilities. It also rules our bones, teeth, skin and knees. As this Moon Family is happening at the very beginning degree/s of Capricorn it truly speaks of a NEW story that began 18 months ago, and acknowledging and hopefully also celebrating where we each are now on that journey.


Venus and Mercury are also both in Cancer and in opposition to the Full Moon, so the deep dive into feelings is ever so present. It is also a great time to dive into looking through old photographs or arranging boxes in your sheds and attics (while you look for all that camping gear). All this Cancer energy is perfect for going on a trip down memory lane.


The Capricorn Full Moon is in a square to Neptune in Pisces, offering us simultaneously heightened transcendent experiences, as well as possible nebulousness and confusion on which way to go. Surrendering to the unknown is always a good option.


Sending you all love, light and healing as we enter this magical time of the Summer Solstice and Capricorn Full Moon Magick.


Lia Sabbatini

Astrologer & Owner

Alexandria Consulting Services

P.S. Thank you to and Getty Imgaes for sharing the photograph of Stonehenge



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