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Have You Felt Intensity In The Air Lately?

This Intensity is weaved with the Potential of Transformation of the Old Stories - those Ancient Structures we thought never would Change and even the possible glimmer of true Destruction of the All-mighty Authority Figures and Institutions that have been our Foundation for as long as we have been around.

We are just now having our first of three Mars square Pluto transits coming up this Fall of 2020. Mars in Aries, is Passionately and with Intensity, asking for us to think of Ourselves: What about Me?!! Mars is also activating Pluto, The Transformer which is an “outer planet” ruling the Collective Society, and which is currently still situated in Capricorn - referring to those Structures mentioned earlier.

Mars is Activating us to forge ahead which then, of course, may create Conflict with the Authorities in our lives, and we will still need to push our Agendas ahead, because who else to manifest our agendas than ourselves.

Of course if you aren’t quite ready to do the push ‘right now’, don’t worry, there will be another opportunity in the first few weeks of October and then again in the third week of December 2020.

Right now, Mars is also in conjunction, in the same place in the Sky, with Black Moon Lilith, a female counterpart to Pluto, also known as Hades, The Ruler of the Underworld. Lilith is an asteroid that speaks of Female Empowerment and Rage against the Patriarchy. Hand in hand Lilith and Mars are demanding for the Individual Women and Men to Stand up and Fight for their Equal Rights and their Agendas of Individuality. Simultaneously they are pushing us to ask for the Institutions and Authorities to make the necessary changes, to evolve into better systems, like ones that would even consider Individuals...

The Sun is also illuminating this same story in the Sky, shining down in a harmonious trine to Mars and Lilith. The Sun in Leo is blaring down at us telling us to look inside Ourselves, what makes our Hearts Happy, how we can push ahead with our Creativity and Passion, as well as what is the right action for our Children - in these times that our Institutions, Authorities and Governments are failing us!

Take a moment within this next week, leading up to the New Moon in Leo, coming up on Tuesday August 18th, to think of how you can best stay true to Yourself, your Creativity, Inspirations, Children and what sets your Heart on Fire! Manifest that Agenda for yourself and use Mars as an ally to get what you want.

Venus moved into Cancer on August 8th and will stay there till September 6th 2020. Venus rules Love, Relationships, Values and Money! While you juggle around your Inspirations, Agendas and possible Arguments with Mars, Venus is asking you now to put some Care and Love into your Home, Family and Ancestral Roots. Venus attracts, and in Cancer she attracts Emotional Bonding, Good Food, perhaps spending some Money in beautifying your Home and Nurturing your Family. Maybe this is even the opportune time to figure out how to make money from Home - just sayin! ;)

If you are interested in an Astrology Reading with me, please send me an email to or visit for more info.

Sending you all Blessings for your Inspirational Agendas to Manifest!

Carpe Diem,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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