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Heal Thyself, Family & Home

Thank you for Image: Katie M. Berggren “Mother Sleeping Baby Purple”

Have you perhaps been feeling wounded lately? You know, those really hard situations that we all seem to run into in our lives, that feel so familiar and which we keep re-visiting... The same wounds that possibly are also the key to find healing when we truly engage and don’t turn away from the issues at hand?

Anyway, what is a wound? Could it be an old story we carry with us - one that is hidden at times, and then BOOM out of nowhere, there it is, wide open and asking for attention when you least expect it! Suddenly there are no other options besides to look at this wide gaping wound and tend to it since otherwise all else fails...

Chiron, the Wounded Healer ( Centaur Asteroid ) stationed retrograde last week in Aries and simultaneously Mars (The Activator) also passed Chiron, possibly Initiating some of these old wounds to resurface. Chiron here is asking us to Revisit the Wounds within Ourselves, to Process them, Tend them and find Healing for them. Oftentimes the one thing that is the most wounding is the same thing that can offer healing when we consciously process it correctly.

In Aries, Chiron is pushing us to look at Ourselves, our Actions, our possible current own Abruptness and Fast-paced Pushing Ahead - or our Inability to Assert ourselves, be Confident and just Be our True Selves. This is a time to look and reflect on what our Wounding is and how to Heal it. If you know where your Chiron is in your Natal Chart, the answers to your deepest Wounds and Healing lie within the symbolism of the Zodiac Sign, House Placement and other Aspects to your Natal Chiron. I’ve been working a lot with Release Points for clients lately, helping sift the unnecessary, take the Ram by the Horns and find the points that can clarify and give ease to difficult situations. Thank goodness we are the writers of our own stories and can decide which way we will go!

In other Celestial Astrology News: The Winged Messenger Mercury went Direct on July 12th and will be out of his Shadow Retrograde on July 26th, so NOW is the time to finalize any straggling loose ends with any unfinished Conversations and weird Communication that might have surfaced during the main retrograde. Mercury, traveling through Cancer, brings us the ability to Connect on an Emotional level, Reflect on our Emotions and have Conversations that most likely are geared to Protecting one’s Family and Home.

Monday July 20th 2020 we have our second New Moon in Cancer happening this summer, but this time there is also a hard opposition to Restricting Saturn beginning the next 28-day cycle. Saturn the Teacher and the Reaper of the Zodiac might literally turn into an Authoritative Figure standing right in your way of what you want to be doing. The world-at-large keeps circling in these same Cancer-Capricorn stories - between Restrictions and Home - and this New Moon will keep dishing these same stories up for us.

The Good News is that every aspect can also be used beneficially! This New Moon opposite Saturn can be the needed “oomph” to set the Goals that we want, give us the stamina to be Patient, Determined and push to Achieve what we really want. Take some time in these next few days to Plan your up-coming road ahead and Determine achievable Goals for Yourself, your Family and your Home. Saturn in Capricorn asks for Structures and Foundations so make sure you are setting yours up correctly before jumping into the next project ahead.

Wishing you all Clarity and Healing in these times ahead!

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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