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In the Middle of Transformation

In the Middle of Transformation

During this Sun-in-Aries time, there is the energy to initiate action, but one must be strategic, plan for the future, think in out-of-box ways and become as self-reliant as one can.  We are in the deep transformational fire of Pluto and the seeds we sow now will be our food for the future!

Here are some major Astrological happenings for this week:

The planet Mars, which is the ‘Activator’ of the Zodiac and is also known as Ares The God of War, has just moved into Aquarius on Monday March 30th. It will stay in Aquarius till May 12th 2020. 

Just as a reminder, Aquarius is a sign that rules the Collective, Community, Friends, Groups as well as being an Individual, a Rebel, Unique and pushing for ‘Out-of-the-Box-Thinking’. Thirdly, Aquarius rules the Internet, the Future and as an Air sign, you guessed it, it rules Air!  As you can imagine, all these energies in people, the internet and air, are now truly activated.

Simultaneously, Mars is also in conjunction with Saturn, which is exact on Tuesday 3/31/20. Saturn speaks of Restriction, Authority, Structure, Elders and Government, to mention a few. This energy Mars-Saturn can make one feel like they are driving their car, pushing down the pedal to the metal, but also pushing down the break at the same time. We can expect The Rebels in our World to start making some mayhem, probably through the internet, and hopefully not through the air… people might start feeling the itch to get moving, but with lockdowns and social distancing in place, frustration levels might go up.

Saturday April 4th is the first of three BIG astrological conjunctions that will happen this year: the first Pluto-Jupiter conjunction! (A conjunction is when two planets meet in the sky at the same degree in the 360 degree Zodiac Mandala). Jupiter takes around 12 years to travel around the Sun and Pluto takes 248 years. This is not a conjunction that happens often.

Jupiter is Zeus, King of the Gods, wherever he travels in the Sky he often brings good luck and most definitely expansion to whatever he touches. Pluto on the other hand is Hades, God of the Underworld and ruler of the Scorpio Realm of Sex, Death, Birth and Transformation. Whatever Pluto touches gets magnified, may become power-hungry and authoritative, or will simply die. Death brings transformation and then a possible re-birth - in a new form.

As some of you might remember, January 12th 2020, was the monumental Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This was the point when Old Structures, Governments, Foundations and Authorities, that societies have trusted, suddenly were touched by Pluto. The whole entire world, as we knew it, has gone into the Underworld and is currently in that dark womb of unknowing. We are in the middle of the incubation, the transformational phase, waiting  for the re-birth to happen. 

This first conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto, exacting 4/4/20, will give us a taste of what is to come. The second conjunction is on June 29th and the last is on November 12th 2020. The last conjunction of three often is the ‘biggest hit’ we can expect from these energies. All of these conjunctions happen in Capricorn, the sign associated with Saturnian themes of Structure, Governments, Authorities and the Elderly.

At the same time, with this Jupiter-Pluto conjunction we have, Pallas Athena, the daughter of Zeus, Goddess of War, Wisdom, Patterns and Quick Thinking, ALSO in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn! She was born an adult woman (self-sufficient), in full armor, straight from Zeus’ forehead. Even as the Goddess of War, she prefers to not pick-up arms, if not totally necessary. She illuminates Patterns, Quick and Analytical Thinking, and she brings Wisdom to this meeting in the Heavens. 

This Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn could make our authorities and governments even more power-hungry and stronger, while restricting us to the utmost (Saturn currently in Aquarius restricting communities and groups). Jupiter-Pluto most likely will continue to amplify and expand the earlier Saturn-Pluto theme, of transforming our world and structures. Pallas Athena on the other hand, can bring wisdom for the path ahead and strategic thinking. Maybe she just reminds us to shop smartly, and avoid unnecessary travel, maybe she reminds people this is a great time to plant a garden and become more self-sufficient for the future. 

Will Mars moving through air sign Aquarius activate this crazy virus even more, possibly through Rebels striking against authorities? Or will people come up with new out-of-the-box ways to re-invent society and the collective as a whole - guessing mostly through the Aquarius-ruled Internet? Maybe people will actually start thinking of the Future of our Earth, as our old structures die away, and new opportunities are around the corner.

Wishing you all the best in these wild and crazy times.



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