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January 2021 Astrology

Hello Astrology Friends,

We are off to a gripping start this New Year!

Some of you have asked me what exactly was going on with the planets on January 6th when we had the “Capitol Building Riot”. Below is the chart for 3pm at Washington DC on January 6th 2021:

Mars, the planet of War, was at the very last degree of Aries at 29°57, culminating the long six-month visit that it started June 28th, 2020. Each Zodiac sign has 30 degrees, and the last degree brings about the best and worst of each sign, and pushes for culmination, so an end can manifest before the next degree in the upcoming new sign. During the Mars in Aries journey, that we just finished, we had two heavy squares to Saturn in Capricorn, symbolizing the Fight against Authorities, Government and Structures. On January 6th Mars was already in orb of the third and final square to Saturn from Aries, though this time Saturn was already in Aquarius (the people).

Notice on the chart for January 6th ’21, Saturn (authority), together with Mercury (communication), Pluto (death & power) and the Sun (illumination), were all in the Scorpio 8th house of Lies and Secrets. Seems like deceitful stories were shared involving power and authorities.

Mars on the other hand, was in the 11th house of (organizations) and was sharing the house with Black Moon Lilith (revenge), Uranus (rebel) and Chiron (the wound).

Simultaneously, the Moon which rules the masses was in Libra asking for Justice and was opposing Mars and squaring Mercury in the 8th house. Thus, the ‘mob’ of people (11th h.), searching for their ‘justice’ (Libra Moon), who were confused by the lies (Mercury in the 8th house), activated to fight (Mars) against the deception they believed was occurring.

Last, but not least, Trump’s natal Sun is 22 degrees Gemini, and his Moon is 21 Sagittarius… notice on the January 6th chart at 3pm, the Rising degree at 20.33 Gemini was conjunct both his natal Sun and the North Node in the Sky – and the Descendant was conjunct the South Node and his natal Moon!

The Nodes are the Eclipse points between the Moon and Sun’s paths in the Sky, looking from the Earth, and are of vital importance in Astrology. The North Node signifies the Karmic Future and it is the ‘Dragon’s Mouth’, hungry for whatever it touches - in this case Trump and his Gemini, two-faced stories. Trump’s Natal Sun in conjunction of this moment speaks of all attention on him. Trump’s Moon on the Descendant and South Node degree, signifies his own emotionality and the Karmic Stories linked with letting go of the true search for understanding and higher education (Sagittarius South Node).

There you have it, a moment in time manifested, just as the planets had aligned themselves in the Sky.

And now to the New Moon happening at 9pm PST at 23 degrees Capricorn – conjunct Pluto!

This could be one of the most important New Moons of the year, starting a new phase in creating steppingstones for our Goals and Structures in our Lives, Careers, and Manifestations. Pluto here will intensify and magnify the power of this New Moon, perhaps offering us a true Re-birth moment and Metamorphosis in our responsibilities and for what we want for our new structures to be. Take these next few days to really think and plan goals and action steps on how you can use this powerful time to best suit you.

Mercury will go into its shadow retrograde on Friday January 15th, and then fully retrograde January 31st – February 21st, 2021. The shadow retrograde will end March 13th. This means we have till Friday the 15th to ideally finalize contracts, agreements, and any electrical purchases, to ideally avoid re-visiting too much of those during this Mercury retrograde transit.

Mercury retrogrades always signify possible mishaps and re-doing of any communication: agreements, correspondences, purchases et cetera. This Mercury retrograde will be happening in Aquarius and there is extra emphasis on all community and organizational networking, ideas, innovation, technology and future plans. We do not need to fret too much about these retrogrades, as they offer us much-needed time to re-evaluate and re-consider what our plans and ideas have been lately and refine them to better suit us in the end. Unfortunately, frustrations can ensue if you aren’t ready to be patient and flexible when plans change!

Next week on Wednesday January 20th we will have the potentially explosive and rebellious Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Honestly, if you live on the West Coast, check your Earthquake protocols, and everyone else around the world, be ready for unexpected revolutionary situations to arise, especially in the realms of the Earth, values and money. For those who can, a day of pulling weeds and getting gardens ready could be a great way to use this wild earth energy… The Moon will also come and conjunct Mars and Uranus the same day, thus most of us will be feeling this conjunction, as the Moon rules the masses. Though, you could also just be ready for rebellious Mothers to be making moves! 😉

Wishing you all a safe and healthy time ahead! For your personal year ahead reading or a dive into the secrets of what your natal chart has in store for you, please visit to get more info on getting a consultation.

Yours Truly,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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