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Keep The Fire Burning at Home

The Forecast for the First Week of July 2020

Tap into what your Heart and Mind want to tell you at this time, find the Rebel inside of you that knows how to find a safe way to express itself and stock-up on what you need and keep your Fire Burning safe at Home this weekend!

Today, July 1st, we have Mercury Cazimi happening in the Sky. The planet of Communication, which is on its Retrograde travel backwards through Sky, is in the Heart of the Sun in full conjunction. Some say this conjunction, especially as a Retrograde, makes Communication even more difficult, while others look at it as the new beginning of a Communication Cycle which will go till December 18th 2020 when the next Cazimi will happen. Thinking and Expressing Thoughts all might not be as verbal and clear as you would like, but there are Messages coming through on an Emotional Level (as this Cazimi is in Cancer). Notice the Nurturing and Caring that is happening through the ethers by the ones that you Love and Love you. Make a point to connect with your inner self to see what your Body, Soul and Mind really want at this time. It is easy to get lost and not hear your Inner Thoughts clearly where everything in our lives (at least here in the US) are upside down. Have a talk with your Soul and feel where You are at and what you might Need to shift to be more in touch with yourself.

Monday, June 29th, Mars finally entered Aries, its fiery home sign, where it will stay till early January 2021. This is an abnormally long time as it usually stays 6 weeks in a sign or around 2 months during ‘normal retrogrades’ that happen once every two years. Now we get Mars, The God of War, the planet of Action, Initiation and Me-First attitude for the next half of 2020. Mars will also square Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn three times over the next 6 months - bringing in much more heated energy towards the Old Authority stories, Governments and Institutions and their Breaking Down and Transformations we have been experiencing since the beginning of 2020. At this moment, Mars is also in the same sign where Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and Black Moon Lilith, the asteroid of Female Empowerment and Rage against Patriarchy, are. These energies will also be highlighted more in the upcoming months while Mars rallies the energies to get Activated.

Saturn, the Teacher and the Reaper of the Zodiac is retrograding back into Capricorn today from having been in Aquarius since March 23rd 2020. There is a familiar flavor coming in from what we experienced at the beginning of this Covid Lockdown, as the case numbers keep climbing and the Government didn’t do what it was supposed to do the first time around. Saturn will re-enter Aquarius, The true Futuristic Thinker and Rebel Ruler of Community, on the 18th of December, just in time for the Big Jupiter-Saturn conjunction happening 12/21/20.

Fourth of July 2020, Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn

This Full Moon has an Illumination and a Focus on the dynamics between keeping the Fire Burning at Home (Sun and Vesta conjunction) and the reflection which the Old Authority Structures want us to see (Full Moon closing in conjunction to Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto). Here in the US we will possibly see a very slight shading of the Moon around 9:30pm, as it is a

Penumbral Eclipse offering just a touch of a shadow for us to look upon.

Vesta is also known as Hestia, the Greek Goddess who represents Hearth & Home and astrologically signifies where we keep the Fire Burning and our Focus. The weekend of the 4th of July the Sun will be sharing the same placement in the Sky with Hestia illuminating the essence of care for the Family in nurturing Cancer. BBQs will be blazing and Food will be shared with Families - enjoy!

All of this Full Moon action is also in a square to Chiron, which may bring some Wounding - or if we can manifest it correctly, possibly some much-needed Healing.

Uranus in Taurus will sextile the Sun and Trine the Full Moon at the same time, so expect the Unexpected, new shifts in values will be Illuminated and the Rebels will be showing up to step up to their plates with this dynamic. Ceres, the Mother Nurturer and the Goddess of the Agriculture, will also be holding space for these activities, sextiling the Full Moon and trining the Sun, while bringing in Nurturing, Care and Nutrition to the Collective. The nurturing in the Piscean realm will also come in the forms of Music, Escaping Reality and through Spirituality.

Stay Safe, watch your burning fires carefully and enjoy your families this weekend!

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

Image Credit of Hestia:

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