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Libra New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Hello Dear Astrology Friends Around the World!

As the Earth continues its journey through space and time, and we have just past the Autumn Equinox, I’m feeling the urge to continue my Astro Blog and share thoughts on upcoming important cycles of Time. My “Break Time” is over!

Saturday October 14th we are having New Moon & Solar Eclipse at 21.08 Libra

New Moons, as most of you probably know, are beginnings, though this specific Moon will be conjunct the South Node, thus creating the Solar Eclipse, and bringing up necessary karmic endings, before new beginnings can happen. Libra, the sign of relationship, balance and fairness, brings these topics to the forefront during this time ahead.

First and foremost, you must ask yourself: Is your life in balance? Are you taking care of yourself, so that you as an individual feel balanced and whole? We must begin with ourselves, before we can turn and look at our significant others, to find the keys to equilibrium, clarity, and peace of mind. Once we address our own shortcomings, we can begin to look at our relationships, and honestly contemplate fairness within them.

This New Moon reminds me of Tao, originated from the Tao te Ching, a book authored by 6th century mystic and sage Lao Tzu, and which is at the base of Taoist philosophy.

The Tao, or The Way, is the path of the center, the essence of balance, and if you follow

it, your life will be peaceful and harmonious.”

As with everything, there is a Yin and Yang, a dark and light, two forces at interplay. We go one way, and immediately get pulled in a counter response, to the opposite direction. When we are in balance and harmony, we don’t have to keep fighting the forces, and peace can prevail.

The Libra New Moon and Solar Eclipse may bring old stories to light (thank you South Node) and we may receive new information about our partnerships. Due to the Eclipse of the Sun, we may also begin to see situations, and our relationships, in a new light. A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon on steroids, the effects can be life changing, and the remnants of the Eclipse can be felt for up to six months after the actual Eclipse has happened.

The Solar Eclipse is entangled with many other forces at play. Eris, the Asteroid of Chaos and Discord, is exactly conjunct the North Node in Aries. This can play out with hot fiery quarrels, a difficulty to see the other person’s view, and one mostly thinking of themselves, rather than being diplomatic and fair with others.

Mercury in Libra is in exact opposition to Chiron in Aries, so it is best advised we all think carefully, how we talk to one another. Only once we acknowledge the wound(s), that we carry, can we begin to heal. Perhaps Mercury will assist us to find graceful ways of communicating our hurts, so we can begin to transform the old stories, and begin instead a new chapter of true healing.

The exact Quincunx from Uranus in Taurus to the New Moon Solar Eclipse can bring about awkward surprises, the need for freedom, and perhaps unexpected future plans, especially in the realms of our relationships.

The ruler of the Libra Moon is Venus, and in Virgo she presents Love through everyday acts of care and affection. Venus is separating from the opposition to Saturn, and the conjunction to Black Moon Lilith, so there can still be felt some looming restrictions on just doing “your own thing”. Luckily, Venus is in a harmonious sextile to Mars, bringing in the possibility to actually align actions with one’s needs and wants.

The square from Pluto to the New Moon and Eclipse brings the promise of intensity, power plays, and the opportunity for change. Let go of the old structures that keep you confined to an unhealthy status quo, face your biggest fears of change, and empower yourself to make the change!

During this Last Quarter Moon Phase, leading up to the New Moon Eclipse, take your time to consider finding the “Tao” in your life, the middle Way, and align yourself to begin a new chapter of Balance with yourself and your relationships.

Sending you all blessings for a transformative and ultimately positive Solar Eclipse time ahead.


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

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