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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 2020

By now you must’ve noticed that Monday started the official retrograde? How has your week started?

So far, just today, we’ve had 1 car break down today, another that has been at the garage for weeks and was supposed to come back, ended up needing two parts sent back for malfunctioning...Both our and our neighbor’s concrete mixers broke today, which another neighbor is using. I’ve been trying to finalize my new website for launch, but I keep having to fix the same issues that keep popping up on each page… it’s like the movie Groundhog Day - on my website… I have another half a dozen examples, but thought I should get down to:

~ What is really going on ~

Mercury, the planet that rules communication, moved into Pisces Monday February 3rd, and will stay (mostly*) there till April 11th 2020. This means that communication in general is Piscean like: easier through images, coming in through dreams, a bit wishy-washy with the two fish swimming in different directions; making everyone flip-flop with their thoughts, words and interactions. Intuition is heightened, messages come from the subconscious and communication in general can be everything between highly enlightened to very confusing.

Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac, before the new cycle begins in Aries, thus signifying an ending of a cycle. Pisces is intuitive, transcendent, reaching for Divine Love for the Collective, but easily confused and clouded by the 12th house significations of one’s subconscious self and self-undoing, often through drugs, alcohol and the need to escape reality.

Monday February 17th Mercury in Pisces went Retrograde till March 10th 2020 - everything is even more confusing than a usual Mercury in Pisces or Mercury Retrograde...

*(March 3rd - 16th Mercury will even dip back into Aquarius during this retrograde, stimulating whatever you were doing and processing back on February 1st and 2nd of 2020.)

~ More about Mercury Retrogrades ~

When Mercury goes retrograde, it is a time to retrace your steps, re-think your plan, literally re-visit all the things you have been working on in the past month leading up to this time.

Mercury goes retrograde about three times a year for 3 weeks at a time. There is a “shadow retrograde” that starts 2 weeks before and ends 2 weeks after the actual retrograde. This has to do with the notion of the planet starting to station retrograde or station direct and slowing down and speeding up. During these shadow times it is already good to start slowing down and avoiding starting anything new. Paying bills ahead of time, backing up computer data and getting ready for the mayhem that usually occurs when the real retrograde happens.

The whole retrograde is really an illusion: Mercury is circling the Sun, closer to the Sun than Earth, and it only takes about 88 days to circle the same Sun which takes Earth 365 days. Every time Mercury passes between Earth and the Sun, it seems like Mercury is “going backwards” thus the name “retrograde”.

Mercury rules communication and short distance travel, among many other things, but these are what truly get affected during the retrogrades! It is recommended to not start new projects on a retrograde, but rather finish old ones. This is a great time to re-organize papers, edit any written works, re-evaluate decisions made lately and reconnect with old friends. RE-DO is the mantra!

It is very normal for plans to get cancelled or postponed during Mercury retrogrades, technical equipment, especially vehicles, computers, phones et cetera to start mal-functioning and old flames to reach out to connect.

~ How to Handle Mercury Retrogrades ~

Embrace them! It seems life is already so fast, one week can feel like a year with all the crazy things happening daily. The retrograde time is valuable because we get to give ourselves permission to slow down, to know we don’t know all the answers to everything at the moment and that the time will come when we know the right answer. Re-evaluating decisions made prior and connecting with old friends all feels very important, instead of always just pushing ahead.

Take this time, now retracing your steps in the Piscean swimming way, to reconnect with your Soul’s Purpose. What are the most important things in your life and what do you need to do to accomplish what you hope to or reconnect with what is most important? What needs to be re-evaluated and wrapped up before the busy Aries season hits and a new cycle begins?

Do you know where Pisces lands in your Natal Chart, which area of your life specifically is getting activated and re-evaluated? If you want to get a in-depth natal chart consultation, please visit for more info!

Happy Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Folks!



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