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Moon Cycles in Your Life

Happy Pisces Season Everybody!

We are at the end of the Astrological year, the time to tune into our Subconscious Selves, Dreams, Healing and Intuition. This is a time where we might want to escape “The Real World” and dive into blurring our consciousness perhaps with substances - or one might turn to Art and Music for inspiration, or maybe dive into tuning upwards toward the Collective Consciousness and how to Heal Oneself – or possibly the World! Wherever you are in the manifestation of this current Piscean time, the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo will illuminate what is currently going on, which of the systems we have set up are working and which ones we might want to eliminate.

Saturday February 27th 00:17 AM Full Moon Chart for San Francisco, CA, USA

For us to bring about the true Healing Vibration of this Piscean time, we must balance it with the opposite Earthly Virgo Task Master who helps Organize, Plan and Set up Underlying Structures to bring into manifestation all that needs to be done. Virgo which is ruled by Mercury has us tap into our Analytical Minds and she awakens our Critical Minds to Sift through and Categorize what is Useful and what isn’t. Virgo focuses her energy on Health-related issues and especially ‘rules’ the Digestion, Spleen and Intestines. She helps us with our Gut Intuition and our Commonsense. The Piscean Imagination, Healing and Integration can actually manifest when we do the Earthly Virgo tasks of creating the Systems and pay attention to Details for the Piscean Magic to unfold!

This month’s Full Moon on February 27th is also in a harmonious trine to Uranus in Taurus, offering us a feeling of Freedom, Liberation and perhaps Radical Rebellion! There could be some Breaking Free of the mundane and even some new shocking Values being up for Display - in a useful way. Ironically, there is in addition a quincunx (harder aspect) to Saturn in Aquarius, asking us to perhaps notice if the new structures we have been working on within our communities and friendships are in alignment with our emotional needs and sense of security at this time.

Mercury, the ruler of the Virgo Full Moon, finished its retrograde on Sunday February 21st, and is now jovially about to meet-up with Optimistic and Expansive Jupiter in Aquarius. This brings communications to move forward at an Enthusiastic and Growing pace. One might even share too much during this time, so just notice the tendencies and maybe focus on listening versus speaking too much at this time. ;)

The Sun is starting its happy conjunction to Venus in Pisces right now which will continue till about April 21st 2021. This loving conjunction brings our awareness to Socialize, be with Loved Ones, concentrate on our Attractions and Values. In Pisces this conjunction emphasizes appreciating any Escape from Reality, diving into Art and Music, and connecting with inner callings of Meditation, Intuition and Healing. Do take this time to have Fun, Socialize (responsibly) and Indulge in the Piscean Dream World of Healing and Compassion for all!

Moon Family Cycles

Dietrich Pessin, a professional Astrologer since 1985, has brought Moon Cycles into a whole other dimension. Pessin’s Moon Family theory dives into where each New Moon begins a new two year and three-month cycle and revolves around certain degree in the Zodiac. This brings a deeper emphasis through the Moon cycle to a specific area of our life that has much longer implications.

For example, the Full Moon happening on February 27th, 2021 is the culmination of what started 18 months ago around August 30th, 2019. The New Moon was then at 6 degrees 46 minutes Virgo. Can you think back to what was going on in your life at that time, especially in the realms of Health, Service and Organization of Systems in your life? Of course, each of us will have Virgo differently placed in our charts, perhaps ruling our 11th house of Friendships or maybe our third house of Communication and Siblings. Depending on where this specific Moon Cycle hits for you in your chart, there are, of course, many more significations of what Virgo energy means in your life than just Health, Organization and Service.

The First quarter Moon of this current Virgo Moon Family Cycle happened nine months later on May 30th, 2020 at 9.11 Virgo which would then show up in our lives as a clear indication of the story unfolding for each of us. There is a natural nine- month gestation period between each of the Moon Family phases.

Saturday February 27th ‘21 there is the Full Moon at 8.57 Virgo which gives a Full Picture of what has been going on with this Virgo Story in our lives. The Last Quarter Moon on November 27th, 2021 at 5.28 Virgo will be the time to “reap what you have sowed”, let go of what you don’t need anymore and keep what you want for the next cycle.

There is a much deeper story being revealed once you start following the Moon Family Cycles. When people say: “Set your intention on the New Moon” you really should! When you set goals and wishes during a New Moon, you can consciously steer the energies to go where you would like them to go – and take charge of your life.

I’ve been researching Moon Families in my own life and was astounded to see how meeting my Life Partner happened on the same Moon Family as having my first-born child. Also, my parents met, and I was born, on the same Moon Family for my Mother.

A BIG thank you to Frank Clifford for introducing the Moon Families to me and to Dietrech Pessin for her work and her book: Lunar Shadows III, The Predictive Power of Moon Phases and Eclipses, igloo Press, 1997.

If you look at your own astrological Natal Chart and notice a New Moon or Full Moon culmination happening by one of your own personal planets, important points or angles, you can be sure the Moon will have a deeper story to share with you. If you would like to dive into the secrets of your chart with me, visit or email to get yourself on the calendar. I’m still honoring the 10% discount in the month of February, with promocode Valentine10 at booking.

Best Full Moon Revelations to you all,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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