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New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer July 9th 2021

We are beginning a new cycle, getting ready to plant seeds into the nurturing instinctual waters of Cancer while letting go of what no longer serves us (New Moon opposite Pluto in Capricorn). This is a time to listen to your gut intuition, pay attention to your body’s emotional realm, and set up new pathways and structures to take care of yourself - and your family.

Don’t be surprised, yet again, by your own (and the world’s) ever shifting values as the New Moon will sextile Uranus in Taurus. Uranus liberates us from what has not been working and shakes things up so we can find our way. Uranus continues to square Saturn in Aquarius the whole year, so the upheavals in structures, restrictions, friendships, along with the everchanging landscape of what we have held true beneath us as foundations continues to shock us, break us free from constraints and bring us to explore new futuristic ways of doing things.

Venus will square Uranus on Thursday July 8th, so you can expect shocks and surprises coming through in the realms of relationships, financials and what we love and value in general.

Last week, leading up to July Fourth, we had a very dynamic T-square from Mars in Leo opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus which brought the tensions to rise substantially between the younger generations versus the older, between the authorities and the rebels, parents and their children. Saturn signifies the elders with their tried-and-true knowledge, experience and wisdom, while Uranus and Mars push for new, out of the box innovative ideas which perhaps have yet to be tested… I hope you all had a safe weekend and are finding your balance between the energies that played out last week.

There is a harmonious trine from the upcoming Cancer New Moon to Neptune in Pisces, allowing us to access the bigger picture of our dreams and incorporate those into our new nurturing self-care routines. The New Moon time is perfect to dive into an artistic endeavor, find your spiritual practice, meditate or practice yoga. Also, you could just take it easy, while noticing the feelings and emotions of this Moon, and trust the Cosmos to show you the way. The Cancer New Moon is a great time to relax, indulge with some delicious nutritious foods, get lost in the power of music and dip into a body of water near you! I highly recommend a swim in the ocean if that is at all possible where you live.

Next week on Tuesday July 13th we have a Venus and Mars conjunction at 19 degrees Leo. This is a time to focus and re-energize your relationships, creativity, children and whatever it is that makes your heart feel happy and on fire! Look at the way things are in your relationships. What are your boundaries like and do you feel a true equality in your personal relations? This Venus and Mars conjunction starts a new cycle, so be brave, confident, playful and plant seeds for healthy loving and supportive relationships to grow, whether you are single, or in a partnership.

Sending you all magical New Moon blessings. For Astro consultations please visit for more info and to send me a message.


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

P.S. Thank you to Duane Murrin, who captures the beauty of the west coast of British Columbia, in his art called: Plaque Blue Moon Over Water and for Royal BC Museum Foundation for use of this image.

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