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New Moon in Capricorn 2024

Hello Astrology Friends Around the World!

The New Year is in full swing and we begin, perfectly timed, with the New Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn is known as the Sea Goat - a half-goat and half-fish mythological creature. The story of Pricus The Sea Goat gives good inklings to what Capricorn is about. 


Pricus, created by Cronus the Titan, was the Father of all sea goats. His little children loved to sing songs and make beats with their hooves. One day his triplets realized they could climb up on land and make different kinds of music with their hooves on the rocks. This brought all the other sea goat children to start climbing up out of the waters too.

Once on dry land, the sea goats started losing their beautiful shimmering tails, and growing regular goat hindlegs instead. Pricus, having his ability to stop Time and make it go backwards, was able to reverse the little sea goats from climbing up, and kept returning them to the waters. He reversed Time over and over again every time the little goats started climbing up on land. In the end Pricus let them all leave the sea, and become the “land goats” that we know today, though it brought him much sadness and heartache.

Zeus, The King of Gods, aka “Jupiter”, brought Pricus into the sky as the constellation Capricornus, so he could continue to watch over his little goats on land, and keep hearing their songs and hooves playing music.


Capricorn is the sign associated with:

  • Responsibility: being a parent and making hard choices to do the right thing

  • Time: Pricus was created by “Cronos The God of Time” aka Saturn

  • Ambition: The little sea goats will and need to climb out of the sea and on to higher lands

  • Authority: Being the one to decide the plan of action


In Astrology Capricorn is specifically associated with the 10th house of Career, Responsibilities and Achievements, and the New Moon in Capricorn plants seeds in these realms. This is the perfect Time to set career goals and make step-by-step plans, while you consider what kind of foundation you want to build on, for the next cycle ahead. 


Capricorn New Moon Chart, January 11th, 2024, 3:57 A.M., P.S.T., San Francisco, CA

The New Moon is in a harmonious trine to Uranus in Taurus offering us Sudden Insights, Originality and a Futuristic approach for the road ahead. Expect the Unexpected to show up in these next few days with Uranus’ ability to shake-up the status quo!


The North Node is in a dynamic square to the Capricorn New Moon, pushing us to align with karmic stories, and having us get out of our comfort zones to orient ourselves on where we are now, where we have come from, and where we hope to go.


Pallas Athena in Scorpio sextiles the Sun and Moon conjunction, giving us the ability to tap into our instincts, intuition and understanding of our deeper psychological patterns. 


Neptune in Pisces also sextiles the New Moon, enlightening our Dreams, Hopes, and Wishes for Healing and Compassion for all.




Intensity will continue to grow and culminate over the next ten days, while the Sun begins its final conjunction to Pluto, for the last time in Capricorn for the next 248 years, and together, hand-in-hand the Sun and Pluto will step into Aquarius, on January 21st, 2024.


Pluto dipped into Aquarius for a few months last year, March 23rd - June 12th, 2023, and then returned to Capricorn. This time Pluto will transit into Aquarius January 21st - September 2nd, 2024. November 20th, 2024 Pluto will enter Aquarius and stay there for the next 20 years.


Pluto, also known as Hades, The King of the Underworld, yields Power, Destruction, Death, and in the end Rebirth. During Pluto’s journey in Capricorn, since 2008, we have seen the big corporations grow, dominate, and fall. Long-standing institutions have closed doors and had to metamorphosize how they operate, and what was held as ultimate authorities in our World has shifted. 


Aquarius is about The People, Communities and Social Organizations. Pluto, the planet of “Change,” is coming to Revolutionize how We The People hold power. The World is stepping into a Time where people together will be the ones making changes, as will the organizations that are futuristic thinking, those offering humanitarian aid, and of course those connected to AI. Communities will be pushed to work together more than ever before,  though some will definitely enter through the Gates of Hades, before finding their way to find necessary Transformation. 


So My Dear Astrology Friends, we are on this ride together, spinning here in Space, on Planet Earth. We have each other, we have our friends, and we have our communities. Hold on tight for we are entering a whole new era.


On a personal note, I have returned to my small hometown village by the Pacific Ocean, after a wild 6-month adventure to Finland, and I am back doing astrological readings and taking on new clients. You can visit my website at to see the offerings and sign-up for your year ahead forecast. ;)


Sending Planetary Blessings,


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

P.O. Box 206

Bolinas, CA, 94924



P.S. Thank you to and Roselyne Bazot for the beautiful Capricorn image.




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