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Scorpio New Moon Eclipse

Hello Astrology Friends,

Hoping you had a lovely weekend with the Sun-Venus conjunction that we are still basking in for the next few days! This “Cazimi” (Venus in the Heart of the Sun) happens once every nine months, when Venus makes her five-petal journey around the Sun, and this time they met at the last degree of Libra! This is auspicious, as the last time they cazimi’d in Venus’ home sign of Libra was back in the 1800s!

The last degree of any Zodiac holds a lot of meaning, the very best, with the very worst of each sign - and often signifying an ending as a new cycle can be foreseen ahead. Libra speaks of Relationships, Fairness, Equality and Balance. How are your relationships going? Is there Harmony and Balance – or are the Scales tilted awry? This is important to ponder upon as we have a Scorpio New Moon Eclipse, also conjunct Venus, coming up on October 25th.

Scorpio New Moon Eclipse, 10/25/22, 3:48 am, P.S.T., San Francisco, CA, USA

A New Moon time is about beginnings and planting seeds and an Eclipse brings with it drastic change, potency, and a speeding up of timetables and illuminations. During a Scorpio New Moon, we are processing the unseen, shining a light on our psychological depths, remembering our ancestors, shedding the unnecessary, and letting go of what no longer serves you - as hard as that might be.

Scorpio is the Transformer in the Zodiac and where it is situated in your natal chart will show where there is a lot of Intensity, Power Plays, Determination and Ability to Metamorphosize oneself. Do you know where this New Moon is in your chart?

As the Sun, and all us Earthlings, travel through the Underworld of Scorpio this time of year, the veil is thin between us and our Ancestors. This is a time to take pause, remember who we are, where we came from, and look at where we are headed. Are we on the correct path? What does our intuition say? What do our relationships tell us about ourselves? What can we shed to lighten our load moving ahead?

The Scorpio New Moon is in a square to its ruler Pluto, making sure we are feeling the Intensity of the Time we are in and embracing the need for Change. Mars is in a trine to the New Moon, instigating Movement and Assertion, with our actions and planting of seeds.

New Moon in Scorpio conjunct Venus has us diving deep to look at our relationships, feel them and transform through them. Can we share our darkest fears with our loved ones? True deep connection and love making can be the perfect outlet to begin this cycle! Or perhaps searching for answers through depth psychology, astrology or Tarot will bring clarity for the journey ahead.

As I write this two Monarch Butterflies just flew by my window, playfully circling together into the tree above. As Above - So Below: Synchronicity is all around! 🦋💕✨🦋

Wishing you all a metamorphizing New Moon time ahead!

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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