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Scorpio Season: A Time of Death - Before New Beginnings Can Commence

This is a time of endings in our yearly cycle here on Earth. We are at the end of the Harvest Season, trees are dropping their leaves, most crops are getting ready for winter and becoming dormant. Our focus is to quiet down, investigate our deep psychological thoughts, beliefs, values and penetrate into our emotional realms and bring them up for re-evaluation. This Sun in Scorpio time is best used to let go of whatever isn’t serving us, and to understand that only through the death of the old can we make room for something new to be born in the future.

The Winged Messenger in the Heart of the Scorpio Sun

Mercury, the planet of Communication, is still in retrograde, travelling backwards for us in the Sky, and on October 25th he will conjunct with the Sun in Scorpio at 3°. Through this conjunction we can find our words to express what our deepest secrets are, the Sun will bring to light what these last few weeks, since the Mercury Retrograde started on October 14th, have stirred up in our subconscious and emotional realms. Scorpio energy on the “lower” end can bring about jealousy, possessiveness, intensity and power struggles. When Scorpio Spirit is used to reach higher realms, it offers the ability to transform and renew oneself, as the Phoenix rising from the ashes, we can connect deeply and change our psychological and un-useful behaviors and find a better deeper meaning within.

As Mercury will be hidden under the Sun’s rays during this conjunction, it might take another few days - to a week - for us to truly be able to communicate what understanding the Sun illuminated through this meeting in the Sky! October 28th Mercury will re-enter the sign of Libra and will offer us another opportunity to re-express and re-verbalize ourselves to best serve ourselves and our relationships in a fair and just manner.

Vesta at 2° Virgo sextile the Sun-Mercury conjunction on October 25th

Vesta, the asteroid which symbolizes our focus, is currently in Virgo enhancing our abilities to discern what to keep and what to get rid of. She works in beautiful harmony with the Sun-Mercury energies in Scorpio, offering us the ability to realign and prioritize our daily lives, underlying systems we have in place and a re-evaluation of the arrangements we have in regards to our health, work and services we provide. Yes, you can re-adjust and re-think your daily patterns to better suit your psychological, emotional and bodily health!

Halloween Full Blue Moon conjunct the Rebel Uranus

This whole next week will be revving up towards the unexpected surprises culminating on October 31st! The Sun, of course in Scorpio, will be opposite the Moon in Taurus. A true time of illumination of secrets, hidden agendas and values… The Moon conjunction with Uranus brings in the flavor of the unexpected, the futuristic thinking and the surprising values brought to light. Visionary Activist energy and Rebellion will most likely prevail...

Uranus in Taurus speaks of the changes we have been dealing with, since May of 2018, within our values towards what we love and appreciate as well as money and material possessions. The Sun in Scorpio creates a spotlight on these, possibly shifting values and illuminating hidden institutional and authority-driven secrets that might’ve been held under wraps. The Scorpio Sun is ruled by Pluto in Capricorn, which brings in these authority stories to the limelight.

There is also a Mercury square Saturn happening on Halloween, highlighting the conversations, thoughts and connections being at odds with what the authorities want us to believe.

The veil is thin between the Underworld and the Land of the Living on Hallow’s Eve and we will want to surround ourselves with comforts, good food and even social interactions with the Full Moon in Taurus. We must be ready for the unexpected though, as Uranus will definitely throw some surprises towards us throughout the day and eve…

Wishing you all a profound time of inner travel as well as a safe Halloween 2020!

Yours Truly,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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