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Super Full Moon in Scorpio

Monday we have a Full Super Moon in Scorpio opposing a Taurus Stellium of the Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury. Be ready to uncover what has been hiding in the depths of your psyche, as the Universe wants you to acknowledge your Values and Self-worth. Expect some Exciting, Erratic and perhaps even Rebellious situations to arise, and be ready to Investigate what is truly happening in your Mind, Heart and Soul…

A Super Moon occurs when the Full Moon is in closer proximity to the Earth, making the Moon seem even larger than normal during its ascent above the horizon. The “superness” of the Moon brings about more intensity to an already powerful Scorpio Moon. This Super Moon will be a profound time of Self-discovery with deep Psychological Insights offering Illuminations on Hidden Secrets, Power Struggles, Jealousy, Passion, Sexual Intensity and the need to Evolve and Transform!

Full Moon Monday April 26th 2021, 8:31 PM, San Francisco, CA

The Sun, in close conjunction to Uranus, brings up Unexpected, Exciting and even Radical situations to arise during this Full Moon. There is nothing to fear though, as Uranus wants us to be Free and feel Liberated, so if we are true to ourselves, Uranus will help us break down what no longer serves us – especially in the realms of Relationships. This can be a Revolutionary time, offering us ways to Metamorphosize situations that previously we didn’t believe were even possible to change. Don’t be afraid to look at the dark stuff. We can’t change anything usefully if we aren’t even aware of what we need to change in the first place. Look for information, trust your intuition and follow your values of your own self-worth to find the meanings of the hidden messages, hiding in plain sight.

The Venus-Mercury conjunction, in close proximity to the Sun in Taurus, emphasizes Communication around what we Love and Appreciate, as well as where our Values and honest Self-worth lie within our relationships. Luckily Mars, the ruler of the Scorpio Moon will be in a harmonious trine to the Moon from Cancer, offering us the Force and Energy to Act upon our true Instincts and Emotional needs. Pluto, the other co-ruler of the Scorpio Moon, is in a square to Ceres in Aries, creating some friction for us; so that we can recognize how to nurture ourselves within all of these relationship sagas.

In the meantime, Saturn is in the middle of everything, creating a T-square to this Full Moon, emphasizing that there is a lot of work to be done. Saturn can be restrictive, making everything feel hard to deal with, and pushing us to take Responsibility even when we don’t want to. This Full Moon in Scorpio, the Taurus Stellium and Saturn in Aquarius are all in Fixed modalities, expressing that all these energies and stories have been “fixed” already for long periods of time. They can also signify that change will not come fast and easily, but rather through Perseverance, most likely in a Slow and Steady, Taurean pace. With that said, Uranus is the wild card which just might shock us into a whole new storyline!

I’ve been so delighted with clients and friends’ personal stories on how these New and Full Moon Revelations that I write monthly have been showing up in their lives. Please write back and share your Full Moon story with me, as it is always so fascinating hearing all the different scenarios on how the energies have played out for each of you. If interested in an Astrology reading, please visit for more info or to send me a message.

Wishing you Exciting and Transformative Scorpio Full Moon Blessings,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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