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Taurus Full Moon Eclipse

Hidden Secrets Emerging

Scorpio season is here and the veil between the Living and the Dead is at its thinnest. Hades, the “Ruler of the Underworld” is calling the shots now. In movies Hades is often portrayed as someone to be feared, but ancient mythologies prove Hades to actually be fair and just. Even the Underworld has different areas for those who lived their lives well and those who were evil and tried to cheat.

“Those considered to have lived a good, honest life would be sent to the Elysium field. The others were sentenced to be tormented for eternity.”

Hades, known as the planet Pluto in Astrology, actually co-rules the sign Scorpio, with the planet Mars, known as the “The God of War”. In the Northern hemisphere this time of year, Pluto's influence on Scorpio is culminated with the dying of plants, trees dropping their leaves, the weather turning cold, and the honoring of our Ancestors through different rites: Halloween, All Saint’s Day, Day of the Dead, and Samhain. It is a time to turn inward and contemplate who we are and where we came from.

We are the future of our Ancestors - as well as the ancestors of our future selves! Imagine that when your Grandmothers were pregnant with your Mothers, You too were inside your Grandmothers womb, as your Mothers already had all their ovarian eggs before they were born! Thus, we have all began our journeys here in the wombs of our Grandmothers, and this is the time to acknowledge the ancestors who brought us here. Think of your passed loved ones, light a candle, sing a song, visit their final resting place – or honor them however feels right for you.

Taurus Full Moon Eclipse Saturday October 28th 2023

As the Sun travels through Scorpio, the Full Moon this Saturday will be in Taurus, close to the North Node, creating a Lunar Eclipse, and making sure our karmic paths align, with where we are intended to go.

Eclipses are intense and expediate timelines. The Solar Eclipse, two weeks ago in Libra, definitely shook situations up and let us see situations in a new light. Now the upcoming Lunar Eclipse will shine light on our emotions, values, and where we are heading.

The Sun is in conjunction with both Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, manifesting as intense energy for us to ponder our psychological depths, our hidden secrets, obsessions, sexuality and commitments.

The Moon in conjunction to Jupiter in Taurus may have us feeling optimistic, and we think we can take on more than we perhaps truly can, but this can also create overwhelm of emotions during the upcoming Eclipse.

The ruler of the Eclipsed Taurus Moon is Venus in Virgo, and she is well placed in the Grand Earth Trine she has with Pluto in Capricorn, and both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. With Venus portraying what we love and appreciate, and our social connections, this Full Moon has the elements of surprise, opportunity and transformation interwoven with our interactions, feelings, and manifestations.

Venus is also in an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, signaling the pull to escape reality, for better and worse. Instead of resorting to blurring our existence through drugs and alcohol, searching for higher consciousness, in health ways, is recommended.

The best way to get ready for the Eclipse is to ground yourself: meditate, do yoga, breathwork, take a walk in Nature, and disconnect from technology and overstimulation. The Eclipsed Moon in Taurus begs us to feel secure and nourished, so having a good meal before the Eclipse begins, is recommended.

In Hindu tradition it isn’t good to cook, eat or look at any Eclipse as it is thought to bring bad luck. The Luiseno Tribe in southern California, believe the Moon is ill during an Eclipse, and Its tribe members chant, sing and send prayers to bring the Moon back to health. As the zodiac sign Taurus rules the throat, perhaps the Eclipse is the perfect time to sing together and speak one’s truth…

Scorpio rules the hidden, the unseen energies, the skeletons buried in the ground, and the deep dark secrets hidden in our subconscious selves. When we shine a light on those secrets, they no longer have power over us. Hades cannot control you if you are honest, you bring things to light, and play your cards fairly.

Wishing you all an insightful and safe Full Moon Eclipse this weekend!


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

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