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The Aquarius Full Moon Challenge & Opportunity

Hello Fellow Astro Enthusiasts,

We are coming to another climax in our cycles of time, while the Aquarius Full Moon (conjunct Saturn) illuminates for us the responsibilities and the commitments we have within our communities, friendships, and social organizations. This is a time to acknowledge what we have been working towards, what IS working, and what efforts still lie ahead of us.

Thursday August 11th Full Moon Chart, for San Francisco, CA, USA at 6:35pm P.S.T.

The Sun in Leo wants us to have fun and just do our own creative thing, but the opposition to Saturn will, for many of us, bring a certain heaviness and somberness, with facing reality and accountability on our commitments. Simultaneously, the Full Moon conjunct Saturn is in a square to Uranus-North Node conjunction in Taurus, Awakening our Rebellious streaks for Freedom and the Karmic Push to rise against those forces that beckon to slow us down!

At the same time there is a Magical Grand Kite formation happening in our Heavens. Neptune in Pisces: our Higher Conscious Dreams of helping the World and finding Healing through Art, Imagination and Spirituality for all, is in a helpful sextile to Pluto in Capricorn which enables us to Transform our current Structures and Authorities to align with more Compassion and Healing.

There is a sextile from Mars in Taurus to Neptune, infusing our Dreams with our actions Slowly and Surely to move towards our Awakened Values. Neptune is also in opposition to the Vertex in Leo highlighting that Leo energy of each of us being an Individual and tapping into our Creative Resources and doing our own thing.

The Neptune retrograde in Pisces holds the key to the divine opportunities at present to look inward and Dream Big. We must tap into our Subconscious Selves, find our Compassion for others, and allow ourselves to Imagine True Healing by being who we are meant to be in this lifetime. Allow the magic to unfold!

Mercury in Virgo is also helpful right now, with heightening our abilities for analyzing and organizing ourselves - and our lives. During this next week, while Mercury closes in on a useful trine to the North Node and Uranus conjunction, we can use Mercury (and our minds) to decipher what to let go of and move out of our lives so we can tap into our Karmic Destinies of being unique individuals, each offering what we can, to the greater community. What can you bring to the table for your village, town and people?

If you are interested in an Astrology Consultation with me, please visit to check out my offerings and send me an email through my site. I’m currently booking sessions for late September.

Wishing you all an informative and imaginative Full Moon time!


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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