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The Death of the Old Structures, The Current Restrictions and the Path to Transformation

It is March 17th 2020 and the intensity we are currently in with the Corona Virus will keep growing through this whole week, and honestly, we are in this for the next few months.

Just to focus on this week right now: we have Mars, "The Activator" conjuncting (making a powerful alignment in the Sky) with Jupiter, “The Great Expander”. Both Mars and Jupiter are then coming to conjunct Pluto, the ruler of Death, Re-birth, Transformation (who also rules power and viruses!) So, yes, even more activation and expansion of all this madness, which started already with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction back in December '19 and was exact on January 12th '20.

All these planets are continuing to meet up together in Capricorn which rules Structures, Foundations, Governments, Military Forces, Karma and the Elderly. And, just as that isn't enough, next Monday 3/23, Saturn, "The Restrictor" enters Aquarius, the sign that rules groups, f

riends and community... So yep, you guessed it, even more restrictions coming up. Isn't it incredible how the planets can tell us exactly what is going on.

Luckily, Pallas Athena (Asteroid), the Greek Goddess of War, Strategic Planning, Quick Thinking and Wisdom, will also be holding space together in the Heavens with the rest of the Planet Crew that is traveling through Capricorn.

In mythology, Zeus (The King of the Gods) a.k.a. Jupiter, the planet, had swallowed Pallas Athena’s Mother, after getting her pregnant. Pallas Athena, who was Zeus’s daughter, was then born straight out of his head as an adult woman in full armor, ready for battle with her s

trategic planning. She ended up being Zeus’ favorite child, and unlike her brother Ares (God of War) a.k.a. Mars the planet, she only picked up arms to protect the innocent and deserving against tyrannical oppression.

We all need to tap into Pallas Athena’s strategic planning energy right now, with a wise and smart attitude, without letting fear take over. We are in this together. There is the very obvious death of old structures happening and full transformation coming from it. Our Mother Earth needs us humans to transform our old outdated ways of neglecting her, and come up with new ways to make our lives work here, both for her and for us. It is awful we are in this place we are in right now, but luckily change is inevitable, so this too shall pass and new bridges will be built.

Sending love and light to all of you out there. Stay calm, strategize and keep your loved ones close.



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