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The Karmic Journey

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

In Chinese Astrology there is a point in the Heavens called The Dragon’s Head and a point called the Dragon’s Tail. The “Head” signifies where the karmic hunger for more exists while the “Tail” speaks of what we need to let go of and what lessons we should weave together with the meaning of the ‘Dragon's Head’ to create the balance of our Karmic Journey here on Earth.

In Western Astrology these same two karmic points in the Heavens are called the North and South Nodes. These are positioned along the axis where the Moon’s Journey around Earth connects with the axis of where the Planets and Earth journey around the Sun, also known as the Ecliptic. For us here on Earth, the Ecliptic looks like the path of the Sun through the Heavens, projected onto the Celestial Sphere. The Nodes are the same points where the Eclipses happen each year.

Today we switch, from an 18 month period, of the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn to a new time called: the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. The nodes take around 18 years to circle around the Sun, in reverse (retrograde) from all the other planets, shifting Zodiac signs every 18 months and emphasizing the meanings of each sign they are currently in.

Our Karmic Story, for the past 18 months, has been Capricorn South Node, representing the Old Authorities, Governments, Earthly Matter, Structures and Foundations that the whole world has had to learn to let go of. Simultaneously we have had the North Node focus for Nurturing Cancer with a BIG emphasis on Home, Food, Shelter, Nourishment, Family, Mother, Water and Emotions.

Starting today, the new paradigm is, the North Node or Dragon's Head in Gemini emphasizing Air, Making Connections, Trading and Merchantry, Cross-Pollinating Ideas, doing Short Distance Travel, focusing on Primary Education and staying Local in one’s own Neighborhood while connecting with Neighbors, Siblings and Friends. The South Node in Sagittarius speaks of letting go of and integrating into our daily lives what we already know of: Long Distance Travel and Foreign Countries, Higher Education, Religion, Philosophy and the Search for Higher Understanding and Spirituality.

More on the Nodes

There is a difference between the True Nodes and the Mean Nodes. True being where they actually are placed in the Heavens and Mean being with around a 5 degree difference according to perturbations. I use True Node calculations, but for a more detailed explanation on the differences, please visit Steven Forrest’s article on the difference of the True and Mean Nodes here:

The accuracy of Astrology is just mind-blowing! Right now, May 5th 2020, governments around the world are all figuring out how to move in the best way to the ‘next place’ from our very restricted Shelter in Place mandates we have had since March ‘20. The energy is building up for people to begin to co-mingle with their local communities, find new ways to connect on-line, through the air (and ethernet), cross-pollinating ideas to bring education for the masses as well as finding new ways to do merchant sales in one’s own communities. Airlines and worldly travel is on a continued hold with focus on our immediate surroundings and staying in a small radius of one’s own home and community.

The beauty of all of this is knowing that in nine years the Nodes will be again in the opposite signs. In nine years the North Node Sagittarius will bring us back to foreign travel while the South Node in Gemini, will help us step away from the smaller circles we are currently placed in.

Astrology is a language of the Signatures of Time. How appropriate as we enter this week and this next phase of 18 months, we also have a Full Moon in Scorpio Thursday May 7th...

Full Moon in Scorpio Thursday 3:45 am P.S.T. Scorpio is the sign that rules the Hidden, Taboo, Deep Emotions and Analytical Thinking, Secrets, Power, Sex, Death, Birth and Transformation. When a Full Moon culminates each month, it brings the illumination of what has been ruminating and it openly reveals everything for us to see, feel and acknowledge. Scorpio often signifies an ending of some sort, but also a transformational phase and it holds the seed for a new beginning. The Full Moon here though speaks definitely of the energy of an ending, while a New Moon in Scorpio would speak of a beginning.

During this passionate Scorpio Full Moon, take the time to dive deep into your own mind, feelings and emotions. Only through deep analytical probing can we find what really might be scaring us, holding us paralyzed, what we try to keep hidden. Scopio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, and to quote my Astrology Professor Frank Clifford, he once said the following about Pluto and Scorpio during his class, “One tends to try to hide one’s shameful secrets down at the bottom of a basement, but beware, they always show up on the front lawn at some point in the future!” This is exactly what the Full Moon in Scorpio is talking about! When you hide your shameful secrets, they actually have Power over you and create fear and possibly even death. When you dive deep into finding resolution, saying what needs to be said and digging out those bones yourself, you take back your own power and nobody else can hold anything over you anymore.

So my friends, go dig your bones up, share the words you have been holding back, embrace and acknowledge the ending of an era, so you can transform and get ready for the new beginnings that await!

There is so much more happening in the Sky right now, but I truly don’t want to overwhelm you, so I will leave the rest for you to feel into. If you would like to schedule a Natal Chart Consultation with me, I am offering 25% discount on my In-Depth Readings during the month of May 2020! Visit and send me a message to get an appointment on the books!


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

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